Food Festivals You Should Visit

One of the best things about traveling is getting to try different cuisines. Each country has their own special palate and we’ve come up with a list of food festivals you should visit to explore a variety of dishes.

Make sure to keep these food festivals on your list when you visit any of these countries. Hopefully, your trip coincides with these festivals as you’ll get an opportunity to try a smorgasbord of culinary delights.

Salon du Chocolat Festival

Salon du Chocolat Festival

(October 28 – November 1 2016)

Over 500 participants from France and abroad participate in the Salon du Chocolat Festival where various chocolate related activities transpire. From a fashion show to an awards night this festival is certainly one you shouldn’t miss.

Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

What to expect:

  • Pastry show
  • Cocoa Show
  • Chocosphere
  • Chocolate Bookshop
  • Chocoland
  • Chocolate Fashion Show
  • The Chocolate Awards

Bacon Festival a

Bacon Festival

(January 25-31, 2016)

Imagine a land of bacon or at least a festival where everything involves all natural and factory farm made bacon. The Bacon Festival has over  100 participating local restaurants, cafes, food trucks, bars, coffeehouses, ice-cream shops, grocery stores.

Sacramento, California

What to expect:

  • Bacon and Beer Bus Tour
  • Bacon Fests in various restaurant establishments
  • Bacon Fest Chefs Competition

South Beach Wine & Food Festival a

South Beach Wine & Food Festival

(February 22-26, 2017)

The Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival attracts more than 65,000 guests annually to its over 80+ events. Popular chefs, renowned wine and spirits producers and food celebrities visit the Sunshine state to indulge in delectable fare being offered throughout the 5 day food festival.

South Beach, Florida

What to expect:

  • Star-studded affair
  • Tasting activities
  • Recipe Contests
  • Musical performances

La Tomatina b

La Tomatina

(August 31, 2016)

A long standing tradition, the La Tomatina celebrates a festival of tomaotes. Since 1945, the people of Buñol gather to have an intense 1 hour long battle where about 22,000 people face off using what else, tomatoes. Though this tradition started in anger it has become a yearly event that unites the people to enjoy the firm yet flavorful fruit.

Buñol, Spain

What to expect:

  • Musical shows
  • Parades
  • Dancing
  • Fireworks
  • Paella cooking contest


Galleries - The Oktoberfest Website


(September 17- October 3, 2016)

You usually associate Oktoberfest with beer but its also a festival of German delicacies. The mayor of Munich taps the first keg of beer to start the festivities after which all can quench their alcoholic thirst.

Munch, Germany

What to expect:

  • Beer Serving
  • Fairground attractions & sideshows
  • Traditional costume parade through Munich
  • Riflemen’s Parade
  • Oktoberfest mass