French Delicacies You Have to Try

Every country has its own delicacy which you should eat when you visit. In France these are the delicacies that you can’t pass up. Make sure to look for these so you can proudly say you’ve given their French delicacies a try.


One of the better known French delicacies which evokes equal fascination and uncertainty, it’s cooked land snail and is regarded as the ‘gold in meat’ for its nutritious benefits.

Escargot Flickr- Fabio Sola Penna
Photo Credit: Flickr- Fabio Sola Penna

Foie Gras

A delightful explosion of flavor in your mouth, you’d be surprised to learn that it is specially fattened duck or goose liver. It’s considered a luxury food product and served in five star restaurants.

Foie Gras Flickr- stu_spivack
Photo Credit: Flickr- stu_spivack

Boudin Noir

This French delicacy is plainly known as blood sausage. The sausages are made from pork, pigs blood, bread, pork fat, and spices.

Boudin Noir Flickr- Naotake Murayama
Photo Credit: Flickr- Naotake Murayama

Frog Legs (Les Cuisses de Grenouilles)

Frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and potassium. It’s been said that they are similar to chicken wings.

Frog Legs Flickr- stu_spivack
Photo Credit: Flickr- stu_spivack


There are over 350 to 450 distinct types of fromage or French cheese. Every region of France has its own particular cheese and lends to the regions distinct flavors.

Fromage Flickr- Jorge Cancela
Photo Credit: Flickr- Jorge Cancela

12 thoughts on “French Delicacies You Have to Try”

  1. As french, I agree with you ! Haha
    Even though I’ll be honest, I never ate frogs neither snails.
    Foie Gras is a delight. So expensive but so good. Even though it’s expensive, we all eat Foie Gras for the Christmas/New year time. It’s two weeks of holidays for school, that is a time of family party and we all eat toast of Foie Gras (with loads of other fat stuff haha)
    Also, cheese is amazing. I’ll advice, after the meal and before the dessert, a fresh, very basic salad, with some tasty sauce, a creamy cheese with bread and a glass of red whine. You put the salad, then creamy cheese on bread in your mouth and you swallow all with some wine, it’s an explosion of taste Haha

  2. Ooh Fromage yes!! Foie gras never, even though I am a vegetarian so I wouldn’t eat any meat in any case. However, I have to agree with Ana, french pastries are delicious.

  3. I really love cheese! And the French really have some great cheeses! I love Brie. But I’d eat almost any cheese. Italy has some nice cheeses as well! I also always the French baguettes. French food is great :).

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