Culinary Journey: Top 5 Food trucks in California

A culinary trip across California won’t be complete without catching one of these diners on wheels. These trucks serve various takes on local cuisine as well as street food. Let’s kick things off with the 5 essential food trucks to catch in California.

  • The Lobos Truck

Serving up a savory take on American comfort food, The Lobos truck offers a wide range of food from premium burgers to mac & cheese as well as their own take on hot wings. Next time you see this red truck make sure to get wachos (waffle fries nachos).

Lobos Truck 2

Lobos Truck 1

See their schedule here.

  • Kogi BBQ Truck

KOREAN TACOS! The meaty yet savory with a hint of sweetness from the Korean barbeque can now be eaten with a Mexican twist. Be sure to sample their kimchi quesadillas as well as their best seller the spicy pork tacos.

Kogi BBQ 1

Kogi BBQ 2

See their schedule here.

  • The Grilled Cheese Truck

We have to admit, nothing beats the comfort of feasting on melted cheese between two perfectly toasted pieces of bread. This food trucks offer various takes on the American classic with fixins such as pork BBQ and mac & cheese.

Grilled Cheese Truck 1

Grilled Cheese Truck 2

Visit them here.

  • Coolhaus Truck

Now for something sweet. Nothing beats the California Sun that a perfectly made ice cream sandwich. Yes you heard that right ice cream served as a sandwich. Pick your ice cream as well as the vessel for this snowy treat. The flavors range from the classic vanilla to the more exotic Thai Tea. You can also choose the cookie from the classic chocolate chip to the more playful Maple Flapjack.

Coolhaus Truck 2

Coolhaus Truck

Find them here.

  • The Greasy Weiner

No streetfood list will be complete without the classic hotdog in a bun.  This foodies truck offers authentic New Jersey style dogs with a twist. Their signature brats and buns will almost always make you wanting for more.

The Greasy Weiner 2

The Greasy Weiner

See their schedule here.

*All images taken from featured food trucks’ websites and Facebook pages.

16 thoughts on “Culinary Journey: Top 5 Food trucks in California”

  1. OMG everything looks amazing. Can’t wait till my next trip to California to try all that. Hopefully they will still be there by the time I’ll get there 🙂 Thanks for the great tips – looks delicious!

  2. OMG look at that food. I just want all of that right now. It looks so delicious especially the Coolhaus truck.

  3. I love korean tacos so I will go for Kogi BBQ Truck. But the Grilled Cheese Truck is also inviting! Ahh, can I just try some from each food truck? Haha

  4. I have always been fascinated by food trucks. I wish we had those here in the Philippines. Love the hotdog sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich.

  5. I hace always been fascinated by food trucks. Wish we had more of those here in the Philippines. Love the hotdog and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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