The District: Must Visit Monuments in Washington D.C

The State Capital, Washington DC holds many of the landmarks and monuments that are symbolic of the country’s history as well as freedom. Along with the monuments the district also holds the three branches of government making it a central figure in American politics. Make sure to visit these areas to make the most of your visit to the capital.

  • Lincoln Memorial

Built to honor then president Abraham Lincoln, the memorial is symbolic of the impact that Lincoln was able to give to the United States of America. From the symbolic columns to the inaugural speech one cannot help but feel the amount of history that the monument represents.

Photo credit: Pixabay MonicaVolpin
Photo credit: Pixabay MonicaVolpin
  • The Washington Monument

Erected in commemoration of George Washington the Washington Monument is an obelisk that is considered as the tallest of its kind as well as being the tallest stone structure. With various memorial stones coming from various groups also added to the solemnity of the structure.

Photo credit: Pixabay Swan44
Photo credit: Pixabay Swan44
  • The Three Branches of Government

No visit to the capital is ever complete without visiting the US Capitol, the US Supreme Court, as well as the White House. Make sure to book guided tours to fully enjoy your visit. Some tours (like the case viewing for the Supreme Court) have limited slots so be sure to book in advance.

US Capitol Flickr Nicolas Raymond
US Capitol Photo credit: Flickr Nicolas Raymond
US Supreme Court Flickr
US Supreme Court Photo credit: Flickr
White House Flickr
White House Photo credit: Flickr
  • The Holocaust Museum

A very solemn memorial, the Holocaust museum is a must visit for anyone who plans to go to Washington DC. The museum provides guided tours that explain the events that led to the holocaust as well as its impact during its time.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
  • National Museum of Natural History

Administered by the Smithsonian Institution, the museum offers various collections of specimens and artifacts from geology to human origins and western cultures.

Photo credit: Flickr
Photo credit: Flickr

TIP! Make sure to check out guided tours as well as museum hours for visits! Given that the museum is free of admission more often than not the place is packed with people.

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