Food Festivals-Rectify the Reputation of British Food

As a friendly wicked person who likes to troll the closest friends, I often tease my English friend Ken and send him awful British food pictures for confirmation. After having a few authentic Chinese family meals, Ken suddenly decided he would cook for us the next weekend. I  predicted immediately it would be the fast food type of meal. Little Ken never fails me. Spaghetti, one can of sauce and several cherry tomatoes were all he brought for the meal. I seized the chance to say “what did I tell you!” Of course, a young man in his 20s without much life experience doesn’t represent British’s actual strength. Friends who have stayed in England for some time said delicious British food does exist. The following food festivals will lead you to the real British delicacies.

The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival

With the setting of rolling hills and farms, the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival is a carnival of food and entertainment. You will find garlic can go with any food, candy, cookies, ice-cream, corn and all the food you can think of. Farmers with over 70 garlic planting experience will give you the recipes and teach you how to plant garlic. So you think garlic is only edible? Those garlic-themed game booths will give you more ideas on garlic.

Garlic Festival

Garlic Festival 2

Address: Fighting Cocks Crossroads, Bathingbourne Lane, Sandown

*Photo credits: The Garlic Festival Facebook page

The Big Feastival

The Big Feastival is a grand celebration of food, music and entertainment. A food carnival hosted by a chef and a cheese manufacturer will never disappoint you. Besides the classic fish and chips, fresh lobsters are well worth your expectation. The Big Feastival invites many big names as performing artists each year. Kaiser Chiefs and Duke will show up this year. Music loving foodies can’t miss out!

The Big Feastival 2

The Big Feastival

Address: Alex James’ Farm near Kingham, Oxfordshire, OX7 6UJ

*Photo credit: The Big Feastival Facebook page

Meatopia UK

Meatopia is finally in England! As one of the world’s big meat lovers, the U.S. people would not miss the chance to throw a meat party for sure. Just as its name implies, meat is the forever theme of Meatopia. To take the best of meat, Meatopia pursues the highest quality as always. From the wood and coal used to roast meat to the center of the festival-meat, Meatopia has very strict requirements on everything. What do meat, beverages, fire and music remind you of? They remind me of hot summers that make you want to do everything to sweat.

Meatopia UK

Meatopia UK 2

Address: Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, London

*Photo credits: Meatopia UK Facebook Page

Loch Lomond Food & Drink Festival

Attracting over 30,000 audience every year, Loch Lomond Food & Drink Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Scotland. You can wander among the food stands to have a taste of everything and interact with vendors while enjoying the fascinating view of Loch Lomond. Foraging, eating competition, kids cooking class and live shows are held on site.

Loch Lomond Food & Drink Festival 2016

Take a sneak peek at what to expect in four weeks time at Loch Lomond Food & Drink Festival 2016. We're so excited! #lovelochlomond #scotspirit #eatscottish #scotfoodfort #llfd16*Wild Food & Drink Walks and Perfect Pairings sessions must be booked in advance. Tickets cost £5. For details, see the festival's website:

Loch Lomond Shores 發佈於 2016年8月5日星期五

Address: Loch Lomond Shores, G83 8QL Balloch, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Written by: Francis Alvin Doloroso

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