Top 5 of the World’s Best Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a phenomenon which started in 1930’s. It is an academic tradition observed mainly in the United States and some western countries. This is a period in early spring where schools and universities in various countries in the world take their vacation.

Spring break is fast approaching and students especially in cold countries are looking forward to this. Here is a list of some of the world’s best spring break destinations to help escape the winter or just to get away.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

US citizens can always look forward to a hassle-free airport experience here since no passport is required for them to visit the place. St. Thomas offers nightlife for students who love the taste of a Caribbean party scene. Not only that, the Botanical gardens at St. Peter Great House will give tourists a more laid back trip.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana beaches known for its golden sand, offer reasonably priced Caribbean hide-out. The place caters to jet-setters and sun-seeking vacationers who like all-inclusive resorts but care less about venturing away from the hotel. Some of the activities that vacationers can enjoy include a thrilling hiking to Hoyo Azul or taking on challenging golf courses like Punta Espada or La Cana.


Florida, USA

The spectacular shore of the Floridian coast is perfect for cruising over. This is where you’ll find ample sun, sand, salt, surf and special events all throughout the Sunshine State‘s most popular time of the year – spring break. This is the place where you can party hard and enjoy festivities held during the season.


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United Kingdom

Spring break is not all about sand and beaches. Spring break holidays in UK can be as exciting with its national parks, seaside towns and ancient historical sites. The place is known for stadium tours offered to soccer lovers. A road trip, a speedy ride, mountain biking and paddle boarding are only some of the adrenaline-fueled activities that vacationers can enjoy in UK during spring break.


Oranjestad, Aruba

Aruba is for spring breakers who aren’t seeking for typical wild nights. It has a dry climate and an arid landscape where visitors can expect warm, sunny weather most of the times. Enjoy ATV tour, snorkeling, ship or boat sailing or karting in this cactus-strewn land. There are also nature and wildlife areas like the butterfly farm, garden and geologic formations, historic sites and sacred and religious churches to visit around Aruba.


12 thoughts on “Top 5 of the World’s Best Spring Break Destinations”

  1. Spring break may not be considered a tradition here but most of the people do take vacations after exams and classes. There’s what we call Laboracay which take place during Labor Day which is a holiday here. Moreover, taking a break after school or the term is really refreshing and really recharging. Not only to the brain but also the whole being of the person.

  2. We do have Spring Breaks too! Here, India being a vast country, most my school days Spring Break I travelled all over India. Of late, many do take the spring break to visit nearby countries incl Srilanka, Bali, Singapore etc!

  3. I have never tried spring break. Here in the Philippines, it’s not something common, in fact, I only know about that through the movies. lol. But one thing’s for sure, all the beaches are really lovely!

  4. We don’t like traveling on “classic” travel week because of the crowds! But a lot of your ideas are pretty good cause they are not the usual hotspots, specially the United Kingdom. I love trips that aren’t about the beach and coconuts under palmtrees.

  5. These are indeed beautiful places to visit in a spring break. Surely anyone who spends his day there would have a relaxing stay. Love the water as much as the greens. Just the perfect place to commune with nature and be lost for a while.

  6. Interesting! I had never thought about doing a spring break in the UK. I’ve been in summer and fall, but never in spring because I thought it would rain too much. I just got back from St. Thomas and it is a great place for an American to visit. No passport and the beaches are amazing! So is the rum.

  7. I have never experienced spring break because it is not really practiced here in the Philippines but Punta Cana which is in your list looks to be a perfect destination for any event – spring break or otherwise. I would love to wade in the clear blue waters and play along its the fine sandy shores. St. Thomas Virgin Islands looks to be pristine and a must-visit as well. Well, give this girl a beach hut and I’ll be happy for life!

  8. I haven’t been to any of them 🙁 Very good destinations and spring is indeed the perfect time to be there.
    I have often vacationed in European countries during spring and found it so pleasant. Noting these places down for future plans. 🙂

  9. Love this list of top 5. Although I haven’t been to these places yet, I find Dominican Republic at the top of the list. I live on a tropical island yet Dominican Republic has been top of my list not just for spring break. Punta Cana really captures my heart. Thanks for sharing about this, it added more to my list.

  10. This looks like a nice list. We don’t have spring break here in my country as we only have two seasons. Rainy and sunny. There’s no in between. Though I believe spring or not, these places are worth the visit as it has lots of great places to see. Hopefully one day I can visit these places. 🙂

  11. Spring breaks though not so common from where I’m from, it’s so popular that we became aware of its nature and purpose. In PH, student with their families look forward to summer break as it is their time to head to the beach to cool off.

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