Violet Moon Psychics

Violet Moon, a psychic medium with gifts for as long as she can remember specializes in mediumship, psychic tarot and angel card readings, crystal ball, Psychometry, Abe Therapy, Angelic Reiki and spiritual healing.

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She started to develop her mediumship with a spiritual church in 2001.  Since then she has gone on to teach psychic and mediumship development and has a diploma with TV Psychic Tony Stockwell back in 2014 after spending a year in mentorship with him.

She has also worked for TV Psychic Derek Acorah on his psychic line and indeed was privileged to work alongside him demonstrating her mediumship in a theatre performance during 2016. She does occasional stand up mediumship demonstrations with a local spiritual church.

Having been a professional psychic/tarot card counsellor for well over 30 years and her business also includes selling crystals and other metaphysical products, organising occasional events and workshops.

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