Sakura Season and Best Hanami Spots in Japan

Cherry Blossoms or more popularly known as Sakura is also considered as a national flower of Japan. For the Japanese, Sakura symbolizes the clouds because of the way they are blooming. It is also associated with mortality – on readily and gracefully accepting destiny and karma. Being symbolic, Cherry Blossom is often represented in Japan’s arts, music, films, manga and even on consumer goods.


Best Places to Experience Hanami

Sakura blooms in springtime, mostly from late March to early May so if tourists want to see its most majestic views, they must take note of the dates and the best places for the hanami or flower viewing.

Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes) – At the northern base of Mount Fuji, the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan, lies five distinct lakes. This area is the best spot to see the scenic view of the mountain and the Sakura. The flowers start to bloom in early April and blooms fully in mid April.

Photo credit: Guilhem Vellut (Flickr)
Photo credit: Guilhem Vellut (Flickr)

Tokyo – Tokyo is the best place to see Japan’s most exciting time of the year, as the Sakura spreads tranquility all over the city on springtime. The city boasts with parks, gardens, rivers, riversides and other famous landmarks perfect for hanami. In Tokyo, first bloom is expected on March 23 and peaks on April 2.


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Osaka – In Osaka, visitors can enjoy walking under the Cherry Blossoms whether on daytime or at night. They can also participate in various Cherry Blossom festivals held in different locations across the city. Some notable hanami spots in Osaka is home to 5000 cherry blossom trees. Expect the Sakura to bloom from March 23 to March 28, this year.


Kyoto – During springtime, Sakura gives Kyoto a mind-blowing atmosphere. Local and foreign visitors bustle the city’s canals, rivers, parks, temples, shrines and other hanami spots offering picturesque landscapes. Sakura is on full bloom here by March 28 to early April.


Hokkaido – Sakura blooms a bit late in Hokkaido, around early to mid May, but this might be the place for the most gorgeous cherry blossom season. Landmarks, parks and even roadsides offer breathtaking views of tons of cherry blossoms.


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  1. I would love to go back to Japan someday soon! It’s one of the best vacations I’ve had, and it would be nice to see the cherry blossoms. I think Osaka would be my favorite place to see it.

  2. Wow – I’d heard of the cherry blossoms in Japan but never seen such amazing photos! They’re absolutely stunning – so beautiful and breathtaking – I can see why they’re such a draw!

  3. I love blossom it is so beautiful. I really want to visit and my birthday is the end of May so thank you for sharing when and where the best places to visit are.

  4. I would absolutely love to visit Japan one day and these pictures of the cherry blossoms make me determined to go in the spring! We have cherry trees here in Canada too but the blossoms don’t last very long… blink and you’ll miss them!

  5. Japan is one of those countries where I want to stay for many many weeks! From your pictures, you can see the beauty and culture of the place. Gorgeous!

  6. I really dream of going to Japan but it’s really expensive. The country is beautiful and clean. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  7. I didn’t realize that Sakura season is beautiful. I would love to see cherry blossom tree, the view of Japan is different .

  8. Lovely photos! I’ve been to Japan but missed the season. I would love to experience walking in the park full of sakura trees in Japan. These photos make me want to go even more.

  9. The sakura blossoms are beautiful. I’ve always admired the exotic pink hue of this plant. It thrills me every year. I’ve never been to Japan but I totally would jump at the chance to go.

  10. I used to live in Misawa and some of the streets are lined with cherry blossoms. They are so beautiful when in bloom – it’s sad that they don’t last longer.

  11. Kansai must surely be home to some of Japan’s most iconic hanami spots, with the temples/shrines of Kyoto and Nara amongst its ranks, as well as Osaka Castle. Things will start to get going here towards the end of March.

  12. A great place! Cherry blossoms put Tokyo into a good mood. People see sakura as festive, nostalgic, aesthetically pleasing or simply a good excuse for a party. Everyone wants to be out under the trees in early Spring when they arrive.

  13. That 5000 sakura trees in Osaka are heaven. I’d love to see those in person. Japan is one of the countries I want to visit in the future. Hopefully in 2 years when my little one learns how to appreciate the views already.

  14. Springtime Japan is definitely one of my dream vacations! I haven’t seen a cherry blossom in real life so I’m super thrilled every time I see photos of it! Looking forward to visit Japan in the future! 😀

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