Vacation Rentals vs Hotels

Ever wondered what the differences between staying in vacation rentals and hotels were? See the benefits of staying in a vacation rental of your choosing with this infographic.

Vacation Rentals vs Hotels

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12 thoughts on “Vacation Rentals vs Hotels”

  1. This has always been a dilemma of mine… But what we’ve been doing lately, especially to save on expense, is to do research before booking. It’s tasking and time-consuming but worth it. There are times when the rentals and hotel prices are the same, especially if it’s a three-star hotel. Of course, the number of heads will factor in a lot on the final decision, and also the type of area. In business districts, though, I found it cheaper to stay in a vacation rental than in a hotel.

  2. My family loves to enjoy both of them. When we travel with our extended family, the home is the best way to go.

  3. Travel destination and length of stay are the 2 main factors when I choose an accommodation for an overseas trip. For example in Asia, there are many budget hotels which have clean rooms and friendly staff. Vacation rentals are the best choice when I feel like traveling to Europe.

  4. Vacation rentals are the best choice when vacationing for a long time. It does cost less and I love the bigger space rentals provide. It is just like a home away from home. When traveling with kids, vacation rentals are definitely better than hotels. Kids can be noisy, and people in the adjacent rooms would not like to hear screaming, crying, kids.

  5. If I travel with a few friends, we always opt for vacation rentals because of the larger space and lower costs per person. If I would travel on my own, I would take a hostel or hotel.

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