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Lincoln Ascott is trained in several different schools of healing, having trained in the Chakra Energy System at the C.P.S (London) and in the (South American) Inca Shamanistic System of Healing with (Four Winds UK). He offers a professional, personal healing either person to person or as with many of his American and European clients, remote healing by Skype or telephone.

In addition he works with clients to help clear spirit attachments and various other blocks in their lives. He also deals with peoples personal property (houses, land or business) helping to either clear unwanted energies so that they can live more harmoniously in their homes or to help sell properties which may have become stuck in a chain or not be bringing in suitable buyers’.

Let’s hear more about it from Lincoln himself.

Please share a little bit about yourself as a business owner.

The nature of my business is one of continual development both personal and through my clients’ needs. I rely on listening to their personal stories and helping them to transform old patterns and wounded selves, bringing them into a state of wholeness and wellness. So my success and challenge as a business owner depends on being able, through my own integrity, authenticity and spiritual connection, to guide my clients to their own place of healing successfully.


Why did you venture into your current business?

I ventured into the business of healing over 20 years ago. Initially after I had a major accident in my life. Having received 3rd degree burns from scalding water I healed myself from that injury almost instantaneously. That led me on a journey of self-healing and training in the healing arts from which I started to heal others. Initially I worked in a private clinic and then in private practice for over 15 years.

What do you like to do in your free time or currently find interest in?

I have an on going interest in studying the Inca shamanic traditions of healing practices in South America. I have and continue to travel around the world and take any opportunities to visit sacred sites to perform healing ceremonies and learn from other indigenous cultures about their healing practices.

Do you have any special promotions this year that you would like to share with our site visitors?

I offer an initial consultation of a maximum of up to 30mins to establish the root of the underlying causes and symptoms of the situation be that of personal healing or property and land. An initial consultation can lead to a free full 2-hour healing session.

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