Travel Safety Tips

To have a really enjoyable and memorable travel, one should think of safety first. Here are some tips you might want to take whether you are a newbie or an expert traveler.

1. Never be distracted. Thieves, robbers or pickpockets have this tactic of distracting their prospect victim first. They will swarm around or offer something interesting to you but don’t get caught by their tricks.


2. Secure your luggage. Always keep your luggage locked. Make sure your lock cannot be easily opened, broken or tampered.


3. Secure your cash, credit cards and any other valuable things. Keep your valuables with you or within your sight at all times. If staying in a hotel, you may deposit your valuables if they have that service; rather than keeping them inside your room.


4. Save emergency numbers. It is important that you are familiar with the emergency numbers in the place where you stay. Whatever happens you can always ask someone for help.


5. Blend in or try not to stand out. Wear simply or try to dress like locals so the bad guys won’t think you are tourist.