Travel Safety Tips

To have a really enjoyable and memorable travel, one should think of safety first. Here are some tips you might want to take whether you are a newbie or an expert traveler.

1. Never be distracted. Thieves, robbers or pickpockets have this tactic of distracting their prospect victim first. They will swarm around or offer something interesting to you but don’t get caught by their tricks.


2. Secure your luggage. Always keep your luggage locked. Make sure your lock cannot be easily opened, broken or tampered.


3. Secure your cash, credit cards and any other valuable things. Keep your valuables with you or within your sight at all times. If staying in a hotel, you may deposit your valuables if they have that service; rather than keeping them inside your room.


4. Save emergency numbers. It is important that you are familiar with the emergency numbers in the place where you stay. Whatever happens you can always ask someone for help.


5. Blend in or try not to stand out. Wear simply or try to dress like locals so the bad guys won’t think you are tourist.


11 thoughts on “Travel Safety Tips”

  1. I get easily distracted when I travel and that is why I always take extra security measures for my valuables, like hidden pouches where I keep my phone or money. I live in a very safe country and that makes me believe that all the other places are the same. I haven’t been robbed or got anything stolen though in 10 years of extensive travels. I second that you should always have emergency numbers with you and also give an itinerary of your trip to a friend, in case something happens to know where you can be found.

  2. These are excellent tips! You know what they say: “Better be safe than sorry”. The most important one for me is to secure all your cash. It is because money can take you a long way. Without it, it’s really hard to bounce back.

  3. These are very useful tips. I agree that we should never be distracted. Often, those thieves know when we are such in awe thus they use the chance to victimize us. Keeping emergency numbers handy as well as securing our cash and passport are equally important.

  4. Getting distracted is one of the most tedious parts in traveling. I can really relate to your tips. My mom would always tell me to secure my stuff wherever I’m going and just in case I’m sending it thru cargo. With the numbers, it could also be safe if you memorize or know the numbers of your emergency contacts just in case. But your passport, it should always be with you! Great tips!

  5. I’ve found that in my case, a resting b*tch face helps in warding off would-be thieves or robbers. Haha. Seriously, aside from the tips you mentioned of course, looking not like a victim is one good advantage. 😉

    Another thing I can add is to distribute some of your cash among several pockets/bags, especially when walking around. That way, if the worst happens and for example, your bag got stolen, you would still have some money in your pocket to go to the nearest police station or your hotel.

  6. This is truly such a helpful tips for everyone who are into traveling. I heard a lot of stories who have encountered different kind of cynical situation while traveling. Being robbed I guess is the scariest things I’ve experienced last time, but because of what happened i was able to always make sure than I prioritize safety wherever my two little itchy feet bring me. Thank you so much for these tips as these serve as a reminder to everyone.

    LaiAriel R. Samangka

  7. Every point is a great reminder to always be safe when traveling. It’s also a good point if you have someone with you to have more ease in traveling. But if it’s a solo-ride, then every point needs to be considered.

  8. These are all common sense things that most people should remember not just in travel but in everyday life. Alas, these things are also mostly forgotten especially when on travels. This post is a nice reminder to always be vigilant and never loose your cool while traveling<3

  9. Sometimes we tend to forget the basic safety measures in our excitement of travel. My husband got pickpocketed because of a few moments of absent mindedness. So I think these reminders are helpful. One must read them from time to time.

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