Deals and Discounts at the Travel Madness Expo 2017

As eGetinnz expands we look to keep up with the travel trends being offered at events such as the Travel Madness Expo. It’s the  perfect place for travel lovers to take advantage of unbelievable discounts and sales. Their 6th year running the Travel Madness Expo co-presented by the Tourism Promotions Board offers a wider and growing opportunity unlike the traditional annual travel open-market sale.

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With major sponsors like Philippine Airplanes, TIEZA (Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority), Duty Free Philippines, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the expo was sure to be a success and bring in plenty of visitors who love to travel and those that work in the travel business.

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It was a jam packed event which wasn’t any surprise. Walking through the expo deals and discounts were all around. With 23 international airlines, 28 top hotels and resorts, 4 theme parks, 8 cruise companies, and 13 national tourism agencies the aim to provide the travel industry more productivity during the low season.

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With all these deals you’ll need travel accommodations and eGetinnz can help you with just that. Giving you options for a home away from home

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(L-R) Head of Sales and Marketing Roselito Papa, Jr, President Charina Rosales, PR and Social Media Manager Louisa Mercado

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Our Sales and Marketing Head with staff Admin Carmi, and Sales Associates NJ, Jean and Jay

17 thoughts on “Deals and Discounts at the Travel Madness Expo 2017”

  1. I love attending expos. You learn a lot and get exposed to great information. I need to travel more, it’s on my bucket list. I’ve never heard of “Travel Madness Expo” and will have to attend one of these in the future.

  2. I love expos and conventions. You can get a sneak peek into the latest trends and meet a lot of great people. Looks like it’s also a great opportunity for deals.

  3. Would have loved to be able to make it! Looks like it was a great expo with a lot of cool booths and people to meet!

  4. This sounds like a perfect expo for travelers. It’s interesting to see so many booths of different travel agents all in one place. I’ve been to an event like it and it was awesome.

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