Travel Walking Tours You Can Join

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise wherein no large gadgets, no heavy weights and no big confined space is needed. It is also the most economical means of transportation for places that are not divided by the sea or any bodies of water. Walking tours is the best way to connect with the locals and dig deeper into their history, traditions and culture. Exploring new places on foot enables you to take the sights, sounds, scents and scenery first-hand. This is why nowadays, apart from travel tours done by air, by sea or by land vehicles, a walking tour is also gaining popularity among tourists from all over the globe.

So where are the best places in the world for avid walkers? We’ve compiled some of the best places to visit for a walking tour.


Amsterdam is an ideal place to explore on foot for its flat, compact and lively streets. The city is home to gorgeous 17th-century canals, parks and former industrial docklands, which are best appreciated while walking.



Bhutan being situated in the Himalaya mountain range, is perfect for people looking for a bit hilly walking adventure. Along the way, ancient citadels, Buddhist temples and carved wood farmhouses will be discovered. The journey across Bhutan leads to the snowcapped Himalaya and into the heart of a modern-day Shangri-La. The Kingdom of Bhutan is not yet open for all travelers. Tourists to the country are still limited to a fortunate few.


Cape Town

Cape Town has a beautiful and easy-to-navigate city center. The place is brimming with historical monuments and quaint Victorian architecture. The streets are clean and a lot of hip new restaurants and boutiques keep opening which attract more tourists to wander the vibrant city.



The island of Maui in Hawaii, having little known-trivia is best discovered through a walking tour. There’s just so much to learn about the place like hidden waterfalls, great culinary spots, black sand beaches, parks, valleys and the famous Lahaina – a major attraction in the island where a lot of restaurants offering a broad variety of food and entertainment, and a variety of shops and galleries on the streets can be found.



Philadelphia is consistently ranked as one of America’s most walkable cities. The city is filled with great architectural history that dates back to colonial times. The cityscape is panoramic with the tallest skyscrapers on the backdrop. Philadelphia’s central city is structured with long straight streets forming a grid pattern and colorful neighborhoods which makes any walking tour exciting rather than tiring.

For your next holiday, try any walking travel tour. They will give you the best and most convenient routes for a walking tour.

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