Japan Summer Sonic Festival

Every year, Osaka and Chiba hold a two- or three-day rock concert at the same time called the Summer Sonic Festival. The majority of the bands playing in Osaka the first day go to Chiba the following day and vice versa. Many Japanese rock musicians from both major and indie record companies and some international acts contain the lineup for the festival that gathers around 200,000 people.

Summer Sonic Festival was founded in 2000. This year, Summer Sonic Festival will be held on August 19 – 20, 2017. The Tokyo venue comprises of 8 stages while the Osaka venue has four.

Here are some of the attractions at the Summer Sonic Festival 2017:

Osaka Attractions

  • SonicArt – an exhibition of live paintings in the venue by selected Japanese artists
  • Freedom Hills – a free activity area where anyone can put up a tent
  • Sonic Plus + – a refreshment room for women and a play area for kids

Tokyo Attractions

  • Seaside Village Camp – a place where guests can stay within the venue for a certain fee
  • Street performance – will feature Japan’s comedy act, magic show, pole dancing on the street, juggling act and more talents
  • Jungle Stage – Idol Sonic will feature 16 pairs of Japan’s new generation idols. This attraction will also feature comedy shows and live performances from DJ’s and other stage performers.
  • Autograph session – chance to have your stuff signed by the artists
  • Kid’s Club – play park, diaper change room, nursing room
  • Silent disco – a party where the Dj’s play music and the guests uses their headsets/headphones to listen and dance to the music.
  • Sonic Art – live painting sessions from various Japanese painters – professional and amateur
  • Space Odd – different talent show activity from yoga instructor, gymnasts, musicians and more

International artists will also be joining this year’s Summer Sonic Festival such as Calvin Harris, Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Liam Gallagher, and Lany.

 As early as August, tickets to the event will be selling like hotcakes, so grab yours earlier if you want to experience one of Japan’s most iconic music festivals.

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  1. It is my dream to go to Japan. And now that I know this, I will make sure to attend this event. Aside from the event, there are so many great places to visit!

  2. Japan is on my bucket list. I heard its very expensive. Love those paper fans !!! Might try to attend the music festival when I go there.

  3. I had never heard of this festival. I don’t know much about music festivals to be honest. I am not really familiar with Japanese music either but that’s something I’d love to give a listen to! This event sounds like a great one with a lot of new name for me to discover!

  4. So many events to look out! I hope I can go back in Japan and experience to witness these kind of events and explore more of the places too. Hopefully soon!

  5. Japanese people also have reputation of partying hard in a unique way. This festival is awesome and I hope J could make it next time.

  6. I bet this was such a fun festival! I had never heard of the Summer Sonic Festival before now, but I would love to make it out there maybe next year!

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