Skills You Need to be a World Traveler

To be a world traveler does not only mean to see, to visit or to experience the best of the best of the countries from the 6 continents around the globe. To be a world traveler, you have to deal with the best and the worst there is around the world. You should have seen a variety of terrains such as desert, tundra, steppe, rain forest, etc; you should have travelled by a wide variety of means – train, plane, ship, car, camel, and more – and you should be familiar with many different cultures, religions, languages, etc. Being a world traveler does not only require money and resources, above all it requires skills.

Below are some of the skills you need to be a world traveler:

  1. Reading a map

GPS, Waze are helpful tech tools when travelling. But what if GPS or Waze isn’t an option? In critical areas where there is no cellphone service or an internet connection, it is still good to know how to read a map. It’s also an essential tool for hiking, for road trips, and for navigating a city center where you may want to save data for emergencies.

  1. Haggle

Haggling is a skill you need if don’t want to pay full price for things. And bargaining comes in handy in more ways than you think. It is not just about shopping street markets where it’s a common practice. Your skills in negotiating can also be very helpful when you’re booking for an accommodation or any means of transportation.

  1. Learning languages

You don’t have to be fluent of the local language in the country or city you are in, you just need the basic to make your life easier while traveling. It will also save yourself time and money and it helps you get closer to the culture of the place. Learning a language helps you appreciate a new country because you understand lessons in its history culture and even etiquette.

  1. Acquire basic survival skills

If there is one constant in travel, it is that eventually, something goes wrong and the longer you are on the road, the more likely it is that something will go wrong. This is when you’ll be needing your basic survival skills. How to use a first aid kit and other life-saving skills are necessary whether you travel alone or with a group because you can’t always call for a rescue at all times.

  1. Adaptability

Nothing is perfect on the road. There are a lot of twists, turns, and even stops. You may get lost or get stuck along your journey but if you have the ability to deal with the unexpected, you will survive and you will realize that your journey might be tough but it’s all worth it.