Year: 2017

Space Healers – Lincoln Ascott

Lincoln Ascott is trained in several different schools of healing, having trained in the Chakra Energy System at the C.P.S (London) and in the (South American) Inca Shamanistic System of Healing with (Four Winds UK). He offers a professional, personal healing either person to person or as with many of his American and European clients, remote healing by Skype or telephone. In addition he works with clients to help clear spirit attachments and various other blocks in their lives. He also deals with peoples personal property (houses, land or business) helping to either clear unwanted energies so that they can live more...

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Holy Week Around the World

Holy Week is a significant religious observance for the Roman Catholics and some Christians around the world. It is the week preceding Easter and it begins on a Palm Sunday. Traditionally, it is a week of somber reflections before Jesus’ death. While Holy Week is solemn and sorrowful it is also celebrated with a lot of anticipation about the joy of Easter. Holy Week Traditions and Observances ITALY In Procida, Italy, a wooden statue of Christ, made by the Italian sculptor Carmine Lantriceni in 1728, is paraded through the street on the island off the coast of Naples. In...

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National Beer Day

National Beer Day which is observed in the US on April 7 every year, marks the day that the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted into law. This was Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first step towards ending the Prohibition which banned the brewing and selling of beer in the US for 13 years. Upon signing the legislation, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a famous remark – “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” The law went into effect on April 7, 1933. The Cullen-Harrison Act Senator Pat Harrison, a politician from Mississippi from 1911 to 1919 and...

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San Diego Theme Parks

San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States and second largest in California. It is often referred to as “America’s Finest City” for its great hotel accommodations, mild year-round climate, pristine beaches and abundance of entertainment. One of the major attractions and most-loved destinations in the city are the various theme parks which feature thrilling rides, fun shows and delicious foods. Here is a list of some of those theme parks that the kids and the kids-at-heart will surely enjoy. Legoland Legoland California in northern San Diego County is filled with towering LEGO statues. It opened...

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It’s April Fools Day!

April Fool’s Day is celebrated yearly on April 1 where people play pranks or practical jokes and spread hoaxes. This is a popular activity since the 19th century where even newspapers, magazines and other published media report fake stories which are explained the next day or below the news section in small letters. April Fool’s Day Traditions In UK, an April Fool joke or prank is revealed by shouting “April Fool!” at the recipient. The joking ceases at midday and a person playing a joke after midday is the “April Fool” themselves. In Ireland, a victim is entrusted with...

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