Mary Kay PHL Visits eGetinnz

Life is about more than just dry skin and chapped lips.  Mary Kay visited eGetinnz at its Philippine office and shared skin care and beauty tips.

Recognized today as one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs, Mary Kay Ash stepped out into a man’s world in the 1960’s to blaze a new path for women. After retiring from a successful career in direct sales, her dream was to provide women with an open-ended, unparalleled business opportunity. She founded “Beauty by Mary Kay” on Sept. 13, 1963, with her life savings of $5,000, the support of her family and nine Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants.  (Source from Mary Kay official website)

Mary Kay is not the typical beauty boutique that you can find in the malls, where everything is rather overpriced and commercially overrated. Mary Kay has her beauty consultants that help women and men alike find their confidence once more.

Life does not really end with traveling and living, it is also about reminding yourself that you matter, that you are beautiful.

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