Fascinating Treehouses Around the World

Treehouses are structures built around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level. They are every children’s dream and over the years, the concept of treehouses have changed from a kids playground to something as modern as suites and restaurants. Here are some of the world’s most fascinating treehouses:

Three-Storey Treehouse

We often see a single-storey treehouse but in Canada, they have three-storey which can be found in The Enchanted Forest in British Columbia, Canada. The treehouse is the major attraction in the place and the tallest treehouse in British columbia.

Photo credit: Go Big or Go Home Blog
Photo credit: Go Big or Go Home Blog

Minister’s Treehouse

Standing at 100 feet, this structure is said to be the tallest tree house in world. It was built entirely out of reclaimed wood by Horace Burgess in Crossville, Tennessee USA.

Photo credit: Andy Melton (Flickr)
Photo credit: Andy Melton (Flickr)

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

This restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, started its construction in 2009. This chrysalis-inspired treehouse is designed to be weather-resistant and is able to host up to 18 guests at a time.

Photo credit: Huh Magazine
Photo credit: Huh Magazine

Plane Treehouse (Costa Rica)

This is actually the vintage 1965 Boeing 727 which was bought by Joanne Ussary for $2,000.00. She spent $4,000.00 to move the plane and $24,000.00 to renovate and turn it into Executive Suite 727 tree house, which is located on the edge of the Manuel Antonia National Park, Costa Rica.

Treehouse for Birds and People

This modern tree house concept by Nendo is a 78-room bird apartment where human visitors get a peek into the lives of birds. This is a work of a 35-year old Japanese designer, Oki Sato and is located in Andu Momofuku Centre, Japan.

Photo credit: Nendo
Photo credit: Nendo

Rarest Foods Around the World

People love to eat and our love for food lead us to search for more unique types and kinds. Here are some of the world’s rarest foods. They might be a lot more expensive than the usual but once we have had them on our plate, that gives us so much satisfaction and happiness that is not worth any amount of money in the world.

White Truffle

Truffles are fungi associated with tree roots. White truffle is one of the highly prized edible truffle. It is mainly found in Piedmont region in northern Italy and their price in the market can soar to as high as , $14,200 per kilogram.

Photo credit: MatthiasKabel
Photo credit: MatthiasKabel


It is an Indian spice used as a seasoning and coloring agent in food. To produce a pound of it, around 75,000 saffron flowers must be grown. That’s almost a size of a football field. A pound of saffron retails from $500 to $5,000 depending on quality.


Densuke Watermelon

This watermelon, which weighs up to 11kg, is recognizable for its exterior. Unlike the usual watermelons, it is solid black and has no stripes. It is grown only on the island of Hokkaido in Japan and only 10,000 pieces are produced each year. Average selling price is around $250 but the first harvested Densuke watermelons were sold for $6,300.

Photo credit: By [puamelia] (Flickr: Densuke watermelon) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: By [puamelia] (Flickr: Densuke watermelon) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Bird’s Nest Soup

This is a Chinese delicacy which is made literally from a bird’s nest. The nests are created by cave swifts, a species of bird, from their saliva. The nests are said to have high nutritional values and exquisite flavor. Due to rarity in harvesting the nests, a kilogram of it costs from $2,000 up to 10,000 depending on its kind and quality.

Photo credit: InterContinental Hong Kong (Flickr)
Photo credit: InterContinental Hong Kong (Flickr)

Almas Caviar

Caviar are fish eggs that are relatively hard to produce. Almas Caviar is the most expensive type. It came from the eggs of Beluga Sturgeon fish, an ancient species that is believed to have been around since the dinosaurs. These eggs are so rare that it would take 20 years before a Beluga Sturgeon could produce them. A kilo of Almas caviar can cost upwards of $25,000.

Photo credit: www.almascaviar.com
Photo credit: www.almascaviar.com

Most Famous Dance Clubs

Dance clubs are venues which operate late at night and serve foods, drink, entertainment and music for dancing. Typically, nightclubs feature a stage for live music, one or more dance floor areas illuminated by colored lights and a DJ booth where the DJ plays recorded music.

Here are some of the world’s most famous dance clubs offering the best parties:

Rex Club

Rex Club is a dance club located in Paris, France. It proposed disco music in 1970’s, rock in 1980’s and electronic music in 1993. Today, t is one of the city’s oldest and longest-running spots for techno and house parties.


Hakkasan is a part of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The clubs’ artists make it one of the best clubs in the world. Famous DJ’s like Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Tiesto and Steve Aoki perform there regularly.


This nightclub which was named after the French creole word for party is located in Singapore. Founded in 1991, it is one of Singapore’s oldest and most popular dance club playing variety of dance music. It has a capacity of 1500 people.


Fabric which opened in 1999, is located in Farringdon, London England. It can accommodate 2500 guests. Its unique feature is the “bodysonic” dancefloor which vibrates to the music’s baseline.


This nightclub in Tokyo, Japan opened in 2010. Womb’s main feature is its giant mirror ball on the main floor. Some of the famous musical artists who performed at Womb are Paul Oakenfold, The Chemical Brothers, Steve Aoki and Diplo.

Cruise Ship Lines You Must Try for Your Next Ocean Adventure

Cruise ships or cruise linse are passenger ships used for pleasure voyages. They are usually luxurious and feature amenities and facilities for leisure entertainment like casinos, shops, restaurants, spas, swimming pool, gyms and more.

Here are some of the most famous cruise ships in the world in terms of onboard accommodations, dining and entertainment.

Allure of the Seas

The 5,400-passenger Allure was the world’s largest cruise ship for six years before the title was stolen in May 2016. It features attractions like ziplining and the handmade wooden carousel. It also has a theatre with 1380 seats and an ice skating rink. It has sailed in the Caribbean and Mediterranean region and by 2018 it is set to change home port in the Port of Miami.

Photo credit: Zippo S (Flickr)
Photo credit: Zippo S (Flickr)

Oasis of the Seas

The 5,400-passenger Oasis was launched as the largest cruise ship ever built. The ship which has had her maiden voyage in 2009 features a zipline, a casino, a miniature golf course, multiple night clubs, five swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, theme parks, nurseries for children and more. The ship which cruises in the Caribbean region has already set a new capacity record of carrying over 6,000 passengers.

Photo credit: Andy L (Flickr)
Photo credit: Andy L (Flickr)

Anthem of the Seas

The 4,180-passenger Anthem of the Seas features innovative attractions like a skydiving simulator and a London Eye-style glass pod that rises over the pool deck. This high-tech ship which was launched in 2015 offers fast Wi-Fi, onboard bookings via tablets and apps, and RFID bracelets for cabin access and on-ship purchases. Anthem of the Seas cruises in New Jersey, Caribbean, Bermuda and Canada.

Photo credit:  Explore Create Submit Photos, people, or groups Upload Log In Sign Up El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video (Flickr)
Photo credit: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video (Flickr)

Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway is a Miami-inspired ship which debuted in 2014. It can carry 3900 passengers and a crew of 1640. The ship features the “Illusionarium”, an entertainment venue devoted to magic and illusion and a 30 feet high video dome. It sails in the Western Caribbean stopping at Bahamas, Jamaica and Mexico.

Photo credit: Robert Pittman (Flickr)
Photo credit: Robert Pittman (Flickr)

Carnival Breeze

The Carnival Breeze is a 3,690-passenger ship which was launched in 2012. Some of its best features are the 5D Cinema called Thrill Theater, outdoor water park, Cloud 9 Spa, jogging track, fitness center, Seaside Theater, Red Frog Pub, Winner’s Luck casino and bar, the Liquid Nightclub disco, Punchliner Comedy Club, Sport-square and Hasbro: The Game Show.

Photo credit: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video (Flickr)
Photo credit: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video (Flickr)

The World’s Best Airports

Airports play a very significant role in boosting a country’s tourism, international commerce and global ties. With airports being a hub that sends passengers around the world, every country also puts their best effort to make a world-class airport, in terms of facilities and security.

Here is a list of some of the best airports in the world:

Singapore Changi Airport

Keeping the number 1 spot for the past 4 years as World’s Best Airport, Changi Airport is one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia. Some of its features are the butterfly and sunflower garden, the free movie theaters and the snooze lounges for kids and adults to enjoy.

Happy #SunflowerSunday everyone! [📸: @exploresingapore; thank you for this great photo!]

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Incheon International Airport

This is the largest airport in South Korea. Aside from being one of the largest and the busiest in the world, it is also rated as the world’s cleanest airport. It features a spacious business lounge with faxing and local calls facilities and disabled facilities that are offered free of charge.

Munich Airport

It is the second busiest airport in Germany handling 42 million passengers in 2016. One of Munich Airport’s distinct feature is its on-site brewery offering beers, sausages and live music.

Tokyo International Airport

Also called Haneda Airport, it was the primary international airport serving Tokyo until 1978. It is the third busiest airport in Asia and the 5th in the world. The airport is very kid and parent-friendly as they offer a lot of facilities for customers with children.

Haneda Airport Profile

Victoria Falls International Airport

This newly opened airport in Zimbabwe is aiming to set its own record among the world’s top transportation hubs. Having built at the center of a natural wonder, the Victoria Falls, this airport will surely be a hit among tourists who would love to experience the amazing treasures of Africa.

Famous Easter Egg Hunts

Egg hunting is a popular game for Easter celebration. Decorated eggs or Easter eggs which come in either painted or dyed real hard-boiled eggs, artificial eggs made of plastic with chocolates or candies inside or foil-wrapped egg shaped chocolates  of various sizes are hidden in a place for children to find. The child or children who collected the most number of eggs will be declared as winners and prizes are given out to them.


Here are some of the world’s famous egg hunts, then and now:

Imperial Easter Nest Hunt (Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria)

This event featured an enormous mountain of 40,000 painted Easter eggs in 2014. This Easter Saturday (April 15), the organizer promises  the Easter market to be transformed into a giant Easter basket with lots of surprises waiting for children.

Capella D.C. Easter Egg Hunt (Washington D.C., USA)

In 2014, the Capella Washington DC Hotel hosted this Easter egg hunt through social media, wherein the egg hunters will look for the golden egg posted in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Prizes were round-trip tickets from Washington, D.C. to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and overnight stays at Capella hotels.

The Largest Egg Hunt in the World (State Capitol Sacramento California, USA)

This event in 2015 was organized by the Blue Heart International. They tried to break the Guinness world record for the largest Easter egg hunt with over 500,000 Easter eggs.

National Trust Cadbury Egg Hunts

This is one of UK’s best Easter Egg hunt with over 250 hunts taking place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland this year. Everyone who completes a hunt will be rewarded with a Cadbury treat.

Magical Egg Hunt on Table Mountain (Cape Town, South Africa)

This high altitude egg hunt in 2014 featured the Easter Bunny, Easter Fairy and Mad Hatter. Egg hunters were provided with clue cards to help them track down the hidden treasures on top of the Table Mountain.

Center Village Egg Hunt (Copper Mountain, Colorado)

65,000 eggs await children for this year’s Center Village Egg Hunt, also known as Colorado’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt. This year’s event takes place on April 16.

Egg Hunt at Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte (Maincy, France)

This April 15 through 17, Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte will host a grand Easter event featuring 35,000 eggs scattered throughout the estate’s picturesque gardens. Families can also take a tour of the historic castle, built from 1658 to 1661. This year’s event takes place April 15 through 17.


Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon which is considered as the world’s oldest annual marathon, began in 1897. It is also known as the world’s best-known road racing events and attracts around 500,000 spectators every year. This marathon which is organized by the Boston Athletic Association, a non-profit organization; is held in several cities in greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts, USA every third Monday of April.

Photo credit: JD (Flickr)
Photo credit: JD (Flickr)

Notable features of the Boston Marathon

Scream Tunnel

It is a tradition for the students at Wellesley College, a women’s college to cheer on the runners and offer kisses. The students line the course for around 400meters and their scream is so loud that it can be heard from a mile away.

Boston Red Sox

Since 1903, the Boston Red Sox, an American professional baseball team; play a home game in Fernway Park at 11:05 am. When the games ends, everyone from the event would empty into Kenmore Square to cheer the runners entering the final mile.


Every year, some people choose to run the course in a variety of costumes. In 2014, runners and spectators were discouraged to wear costumes covering the face or bulky outfits for security reasons.

Dick and Rick Hoyt

Dick is the father of Rick who has cerebral palsy. With the help of technology, they were able to communicate with Rick and discovered that one of Rick’s passions is sports. The father and son tandem started competing in charity runs, with Dick pushing Rick’s wheelchair. In 2012, the duo, known as “Team Hoyt” completed their 30th Boston marathon.

What to expect for 2017 Boston Marathon

One of the highlights for this year’s Boston Marathon is the return of the Six Champions. This Patriot’s Day, April 17, 2017; some of the previous winners of the race will aim for their second titles on the Boston marathon.

Top American Olympic medalists, such as Galen Rupp and Shalane Flanagan are also coming to Boston to compete.