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What You Need to Know about Bar Etiquette

A bar or a pub is an establishment that sells alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, liquor cocktails and the likes. Since bars are public drinking places, the customers here are a mixture of different races and cultures. Here are some bar etiquette that you may want to keep in mind to maintain a friendly atmosphere among the people inside a bar.


1.Bring cash. If you are alone in a bar and having only a drink, you should pay in cash. You are wasting the bartender’s time and delaying his tip if you’re not.

2.Don’t ask the bartender to give you a little extra. Most bars measure their shots and drinks. They have rules with regards to the amount of serving and managers watch carefully if the staff follow the rules, since they make money out of beverages.

3.Don’t get attention by whistling or snapping your fingers. It is rude and insulting.

4.Don’t argue. There are times, people inside the bar would drink more than what is good for them. If you happen to be in that situation, don’t argue with the bartender. It is better to leave the bar.

5.Make sure to tip the bartender. Tip more if you’ve got a better service.

Travel Safety Tips

To have a really enjoyable and memorable travel, one should think of safety first. Here are some tips you might want to take whether you are a newbie or an expert traveler.

1. Never be distracted. Thieves, robbers or pickpockets have this tactic of distracting their prospect victim first. They will swarm around or offer something interesting to you but don’t get caught by their tricks.


2. Secure your luggage. Always keep your luggage locked. Make sure your lock cannot be easily opened, broken or tampered.


3. Secure your cash, credit cards and any other valuable things. Keep your valuables with you or within your sight at all times. If staying in a hotel, you may deposit your valuables if they have that service; rather than keeping them inside your room.


4. Save emergency numbers. It is important that you are familiar with the emergency numbers in the place where you stay. Whatever happens you can always ask someone for help.


5. Blend in or try not to stand out. Wear simply or try to dress like locals so the bad guys won’t think you are tourist.


Why Staying in a Vacation Rental is the Better Option

The renting out of a furnished apartment, house, or professionally managed resort-condominium complex on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel is known as vacation rental. It is gaining popularity among tourists, backpackers and travelers across the world nowadays for several reasons.


1.Vacation rentals are economical and practical especially for large groups of tourists because they can share a house. Sharing a house promotes better bond and togetherness for the family or for the group since they can share meals and other activities in one place.

2.A vacation rental yields more space at a lower price than a hotel room.

3.Vacation rentals are more private and homey. You will not be required to dress up before breakfast or dinner unlike in many hotels.

4.Vacation rental lets you live like local and gives you better adventure. If you are a traveler who wants to blend in or discover the local culture of the new place, then you should consider vacation rental as they are usually located in residential areas where you can hang out in local destinations and get to know your neighbors.

5.Vacation rentals offer more flexible schedule for tourists. While some hotels have minimum stays, vacation rentals are viable option especially when you only want a short city breaks or an overnight stay.


Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Thailand Temples

Thai temples also known as “wats” are the beautiful representations of historical and cultural significance. Buddhism is a central element of Thailand culture. Monks have a certain identity and are surprisingly friendly and many speak English and have kept up with the times.

Thai temples are usually located in a courtyard with housing and small worship areas. The sheltered areas with Buddha statues are known as Bots. These areas are considered more sacred and as such rules of etiquette should be followed.


  • Step over the threshold not on it when walking into a temple
  • Dress modestly covering your knees and shoulders
  • Remove your hats, sunglasses, shoes before entering


  • Never turn your back away from the Buddha statue but rather back away facing the statue
  • Don’t touch sacred objects in the worship area
  • Do not raise yourself higher than the image of the Buddha
  • Sit with your legs underneath you when worshiping in the Bots area. Avoid pointing your feet at the image of the Buddha


  • If you are sitting, stand up when monks or nuns enter the Bot
  • Use your right hand when giving or receiving something from a monk
  • Women are not allowed to touch a monk or his robes or cross their legs in the presence of a monk
  • Treat monks with the highest respect
  • Don’t point at a monk or Buddha statue, either with your fingers or feet.


  • Don’t touch a Buddha
  • Smoking, spitting, chewing gum, or eating are not allowed
  • Don’t photograph or disturb monks or others who are worshiping
  • Learn a few basic phrases in Thai, like ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’
  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Keep your voice low at all times


Things to Bring when Camping

Camping outside is no joke especially for those who are just beginners in the nature tripping hobby. Here is a list of some essential things that you must bring when camping.

  1. Flashlight

Light is scarce in the wild so you have to always be prepared. This also serves as a safety precaution in the wilderness.

Photo credit: Flickr Ian D. Keating
Photo credit: Flickr Ian D. Keating
  1. Food and Water

You need these to sustain yourself in the wild. Never be too cheap on when it comes to these essentials!

Photo credit: Flickr Nick Perla
Photo credit: Flickr Nick Perla
  1. Clothes

The wild is rough and dirty so you must always be ready with spare clothes, just in case you need some.

Photo credit: Flickr Marc Levin
Photo credit: Flickr Marc Levin
  1. Sturdy shoes or sandals

It gets rocky out there, and you would’nt want to hurt or injure yourself when walking around. So gear up!

Photo credit: Flickr Dustin Ground
Photo credit: Flickr Dustin Ground
  1. Tent and insect repellant

One of the most important things you should bring to ensure that your health is not compromised. You’re never too sure about the environment that you will be staying in so come prepared!

Photo credit: Pixabay bhossfeld
Photo credit: Pixabay bhossfeld

Useful Travel Tips

Traveling is exciting, but preparing for it can be a big headache. We have collected the most-approved travel tips to save you from troubles you might encounter during your trips.

  1. Roll the clothes instead of folding them to save space. Rolled clothes can make full use of the suitcase space. You can fill up the small space with socks, underwear and other small items. Rolling can also prevent wrinkles.
  2. Exercise the day before your trip to avoid jet lag.

    Photo credit: Pixabay Wokandapix
    Photo credit: Pixabay Wokandapix
  3. Scan your passport, identity cards and itinerary then send copies to yourself to prevent important materials being stolen or lost.
  4. Put necklaces through straws to prevent tangles.
  5. Wear clothes with many pockets so you don’t need to frequently open your luggage.
  6. Take pictures of maps, notes and itinerary with your camera or cell phone to save space.
  7. When choosing flight seats for two, choose the window and aisle one. It’s most likely that the middle seat will remain empty. Even if it’s taken, you can swap seats and sit together.

    Flickr SuperJet International
    Photo credit: Flickr SuperJet International
  8. Mark your suitcase as fragile and it will be handled carefully. It will also be placed above other suitcases and be the first to be put onto the conveyor belt.

    Photo credit: Flickr Alessandro Prada
    Photo credit: Flickr Alessandro Prada
  9. Can’t remember where you were when you took photos? Simply take a picture of the ticket or road sign before taking photos of a new destination.

    Photo credit: Pixabay joakimstamming
    Photo credit: Pixabay joakimstamming
  10. Unpack everything upon arrival. The longer you wait, the more reluctant you are to move.