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Off the Grid Locations in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is popular for its casinos, hotels, and live shows that would challenge any city for its night life but Las Vegas is more than just The Strip. Here’s a short list of things to do in Las Vegas without going inside a single casino.

  • Visit the Grand Canyon

Although it’s not within the vicinity of Las Vegas. There are various day tour groups and tours that will allow you to enjoy this majestic view.

Photo Credit: Pixabay neufal54
Photo Credit: Pixabay neufal54
  • The Neon Boneyard

Much of Las Vegas history lies in its hotels and casinos which are more often than not coupled with glamorous neon signs. Once these signs (along with the establishments at times) retire they find a new home in the Neon Boneyard. Make sure to contact tour groups that offer night trips.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Randy Heinitz
Photo Credit: Flickr- Randy Heinitz
  • The Hoover Dam

If you’re a sucker for road trips then a visit to the Hoover dam is for you. Just an hour drive from Las Vegas proper, the Hoover dam is a marvel to behold. Various tour groups offer guided tours so be sure to check them out.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Airwolfhound
Photo Credit: Flickr- Airwolfhound
  • Lake Mead

After visiting the dam be sure to visit Lake Mead. The lake offers various water activities that are offered in what is considered as the largest water reserve in the USA.

Photo Credit: Pixabay tpsdave
Photo Credit: Pixabay tpsdave
  • The Mob Museum

Make sure to visit the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas to have an interactive crash course on Mob history as well the the history of the city during the prohibition. Sit in the electric chair or see mob paraphernalia in this weirdly noir trip down Las Vegas memory lane.

Photo Credit: Flickr- kennejima
Photo Credit: Flickr- kennejima

Culinary Journey: Top 5 Food trucks in California

A culinary trip across California won’t be complete without catching one of these diners on wheels. These trucks serve various takes on local cuisine as well as street food. Let’s kick things off with the 5 essential food trucks to catch in California.

  • The Lobos Truck

Serving up a savory take on American comfort food, The Lobos truck offers a wide range of food from premium burgers to mac & cheese as well as their own take on hot wings. Next time you see this red truck make sure to get wachos (waffle fries nachos).

Lobos Truck 2

Lobos Truck 1

See their schedule here.

  • Kogi BBQ Truck

KOREAN TACOS! The meaty yet savory with a hint of sweetness from the Korean barbeque can now be eaten with a Mexican twist. Be sure to sample their kimchi quesadillas as well as their best seller the spicy pork tacos.

Kogi BBQ 1

Kogi BBQ 2

See their schedule here.

  • The Grilled Cheese Truck

We have to admit, nothing beats the comfort of feasting on melted cheese between two perfectly toasted pieces of bread. This food trucks offer various takes on the American classic with fixins such as pork BBQ and mac & cheese.

Grilled Cheese Truck 1

Grilled Cheese Truck 2

Visit them here.

  • Coolhaus Truck

Now for something sweet. Nothing beats the California Sun that a perfectly made ice cream sandwich. Yes you heard that right ice cream served as a sandwich. Pick your ice cream as well as the vessel for this snowy treat. The flavors range from the classic vanilla to the more exotic Thai Tea. You can also choose the cookie from the classic chocolate chip to the more playful Maple Flapjack.

Coolhaus Truck 2

Coolhaus Truck

Find them here.

  • The Greasy Weiner

No streetfood list will be complete without the classic hotdog in a bun.  This foodies truck offers authentic New Jersey style dogs with a twist. Their signature brats and buns will almost always make you wanting for more.

The Greasy Weiner 2

The Greasy Weiner

See their schedule here.

*All images taken from featured food trucks’ websites and Facebook pages.

New York Visit Starter Pack Part 2

When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie. –  Ryan Adams

New York offers various attractions that highlight everything that the city can offer from culture to architecture, finance, and art. Although these attractions are a must see for anyone intending to visit New York it doesn’t capture the entirety of what the city has to offer. Here’s a quick list of the lesser known places to visit when you happen to drop by New York.

5 Off the Grid Places to Visit in New York City

  • The Piece of the Berlin Wall in Manhattan

The painted pieces of the Berlin wall can be seen in various places in New York (5 in total) the most notable of which is situated in 53rd street near Madison Avenue.

Flickr Joerg Moellenkamp
Photo Credit: Flickr- Joerg Moellenkamp

Source: Moellenkamp, Jeorg. “Part of The Berlin Wall near MoMA.” July 27, 2008

  • The GhostBusters Fire Station

For that pop culture fix the Hook and Ladder 8 fire station found in Tribeca was the fire station used as the headquarters of the Ghostbusters in the cult classic.

Flickr Eli Duke
Photo Credit: Flickr- Eli Duke

Source: Duke, Eli. “NYC: Ghostbusters Fire Station.” May 22, 2011

  • Greenacre Park

A serene escape from the fast paced lifestyle of the city Greenacre Park hosts a variety of foliage plus an enchanting 25 foot waterfall.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source:Henderson, Jim “Greenacre Pk 215.” October 18, 2008.

  • Trinity Churchyard

A landmark showcasing what New York City architecture has to offer. This landmark expresses a medieval feel that is sure to stand out amidst the tall buildings of the city.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source:Gryffindor “Trinity Church NYC.” January 1, 2010

  • New York Hall of Science

A place where history meets innovation, the NYSCI was built for the 1964 World’s fair and currently holds various exhibits and displays that are both interactive and informative.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source: MusikAnimal. “Main Entrance to the New York Hall of Science.” February 16, 2015


There are a lot of off the grid locations and hidden attractions that can be found in the tapestry of culture which is New York City. A way to further enjoy the depth of the city is to ask locals about locations or attractions aside from the usual must-see’s of New York.


New York Visit Starter Pack Part 1

When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie. –  Ryan Adams

Amidst the tall buildings and the glaring fast paced lifestyle of Metropolitan New York lies a city that is yet to be explored and appreciated. The Big Apple may seem daunting and overwhelming but a few tips and guides will help you appreciate not only the beauty of what we know of New York but also the hidden gems situated in the most mundane of areas and alleys. Here’s a quick list of recommended places to help you start your journey in the Big Apple.

5 Must See Destinations in New York

  • The Statue of Liberty

To start things off nothing screams of New York City than the Statue of Liberty situated off shore from Manhattan on Liberty Island.

Pixabay MonicaVolpin
Photo Credit: Pixabay MonicaVolpin
  • The Empire State Building

Tip – be sure to consider the optional VIP ticket to bypass the long lines going up the building.

Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash
Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash
  • Central Park

Live out your romantic comedy moments by taking a stroll with your special someone in Central Park.

Photo Credit: Pixabay JodesJ
Photo Credit: Pixabay JodesJ
  • Metropolitan Art Museum

Indulge in what New York has to offer culturally in the prized collections and pieces found in the Metropolitan Art Museum.

Photo Credit: Pixabay anielbaez0
Photo Credit: Pixabay anielbaez0
  • Broadway

Cap off your New York trip with a Broadway musical. Be sure to check the listings regarding the shows and show dates prior to your visit.

Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash
Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash


New York has a lot of things to offer and these 5 are but a few of the main attractions of the city. A useful tip is to begin your trip with a view of the city from an observation deck. This allows a complete view of the city and its impressive skyline. The Empire State Building is one that offers such an experience, but other places such as the Top of the Rock Observatory and the One World Observatory offer the same experience plus the added feature of seeing the Empire State Building as well.

The Best Classic Diners in the USA

Nothing is more symbolic of American dining than Classic Diners. Diners represent the old time dining delights such as breakfast platters, loaded burgers and creamy milkshakes. Check out our list of classic diners that have retained their all American design.

Rosie’s Diner

Rosie's Diner 2

Rosie's Diner

Rosie's Diner 3

Visit Rosie’s Diner

14061 E. Iliff Ave. Aurora, CO 80014

Mickey’s Diner

Mickey's Diner

Visit Mickey’s Diner

36 W. 7th Street, St. Paul MN

MaryAnn’s Diner

MaryAnn's Diner -- Diner Pictures (2)

MaryAnn's Diner -- Diner Pictures

Visit MaryAnn’s Diner

29 East Broadway Derry, NH 03038

The Arcade Restaurant

Arcade Restaurant

Arcade Restaurant 2

Arcade Restaurant 3

Visit Arcade Restaurant

540 S MAIN ST, MEMPHIS, TN 38103

Modern Diner

Modern Diner

Modern Diner 3

Visit Modern Diner

364 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Zip’s Diner

Zip's Diner Merchant Circle
Photo Credit: Merchant’s Circle

Visit Zip’s Diner

Rte 101 and 12 Dayville, CT 06241

Empire Diner

The Empire Diner 2

The Empire Diner

Visit Empire Diner

210 10th Ave (Between 22nd St & 23rd St), New York, New York 10011

It’s as good as it looks, trust us. #Nutella Brownie Sundae, only here at @empire_diner. #dessert #eeeeeats

A photo posted by Empire Diner (@empire_diner) on

The Pink Cadillac Diner

The Pink Cadillac Diner 2

The Pink Cadillac Diner

Visit The Pink Cadillac Diner

14061 E. Iliff Ave. Aurora, CO 80014

The “Historic” Village Diner

Historic Village Diner

Visit The Historic Village Diner

7550 North Broadway Red Hook, New York 12571

Summit Diner

Summit Diner

Summit Diner Food Network

Visit Summit Diner

1 Union Pl, Summit, New Jersey 07901