5 Essential Tips For Traveling Light

Some people have this view that traveling takes lots of time, effort, and dedication, not to mention the bravery to take the risk of getting out of one’s comfort zone, hence thinking that traveling is a hassle activity to do that ends in apathy and merely surviving.

eGetinnz has listed five pro tips to help you travel easily.

1. Carry-on only
Sticking to just a carry-on bag will change your life when you fly. You’ll quickly run through security, have access to your belongs at all times, and don’t have to wait at baggage claim, let alone risk losing your luggage. You’ll also be happy to be less of a target to thieves searching for their next disheveled and distracted tourist once you touch down.

2. Avoid a hold up a security
If you’re going to take your carry-on to make sure you do it right. Way too many people on the security line get their bag held up and double checked because they haven’t properly packed the suspicious looking items.

If you’re packing anything with a sharp shape or a large number of unusual objects, even if innocent, pack it in a Ziploc bag and place it in a bin when going through security. That way when that one TSA dude who’s never seen a bikini razor before (or a box of 500 badge chains, don’t ask) decides he wants to further inspect your life-threatening contraband, he won’t need to take out your undies in search of the “weapon”.

3. Embrace your hair and face
Skip the dramatic makeup and hair products and learn to accept your natural mug! Pack a quart-size bag with the just essentials: 3 oz. bottles of Clinique face lotion, apricot exfoliate 3-minute miracle deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner for my wild curls. Oh, and waterproof eyeliner is always a travel-friendly addition for the special nights.

4. Bring a collapsible water bag
Not a water bottle, but an anti-bottle. It’s my latest obsession: a water bottle constructed as flat plastic that you can empty and fold, allowing you to pass through security (and LIFE) with ease. Keep it rolled up when you’re not using it and fill your “bottle” at the water fountain when needed. Here’s my favorite anti-bottle made by Vapur …because we are all tired of getting our liquid beverage thrown away at security and having to buy the overpriced bottle of water at the terminal shop.

5. Shower with your laundry
Avoid bringing extra clothing or wasting money on laundry by washing your undergarments by hand. To make this task less daunting, Wash each time you get into the shower and let it dry overnight.


eGetinnz Launches its Brand New 2018 App

eGetinnz after two years of being in the travel accommodation or vacation rentals industry is launching its eGetinnz App to provide easier access for its market, helping everybody leap around the world.

Ever feel as if you are tired and drowning in the stressful environment you currently in? And although you want to travel, you have no time to plan ahead of time and or finding a home away from home feels like a lost cause nowadays that there are a lot of blunders and scams online?

Why be scared when here is eGetinnz, now on its app that provides not only smart solutions for your travel needs but also a home away from home where you would be amongst the locals themselves? Or even provide you the quick escape you desperately need but does not just know. Do a staycation and you will see the difference because life is about more than just surviving.

From accommodations to tour packages, to airfare, and even the activity guides that you need. eGetinnz has your back. eGetinnz only wants to help you leap around the world, with accurate assistance, friendly user interface, wide options of properties, and lastly reasonable price.

Everything that you will ever need is right here, live while you can, get out of your comfort zone and travel the world today. Let eGetinnz help you. Download the app from Google Play and or App Store.

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Ramen Kudasai: The Ramen House That Will Change the Way You Eat Ramen

The love for the original Chinese-Japanese cuisine, ramen, varies from one Asian country to another; it even transcends even to myriad countries in the west.  Ra that means pulled and Men means noodles, so it basically means that otherwise is not real ramen. Ramen Kudasai, despite its young age in the ramen market, is already on a pedestal that sets it apart from other ramen houses. This amazing baby ramen house has accomplished the first and major principle of ramen.

Hand pulled noodles, I mean just look.

Your eyesight does not lie either, it tastes the way it looks, and even better. The texture is perfectly made, it nearly melts in your mouth with the well-made broth too.

Ramen Kudasai makes every food on their menu, on the spot, and it is worth the wait. When you thought you have had the best ramen in the city, well, you have never tried this one.

Angel who is only 26 years old, is very hands-on with her newly established ramen house. With her doctor of a husband’s love for ramen, together, their brainchild was brought into existence. What they value the most is the authenticity of the food they serve and the improved taste of the ramen which was decided upon the Filipino’s palette as well, knowing that Filipinos still would have different taste buds from those of the Japanese and or Chinese, however, catering each with great original and modern flavors of ramen.

Ramen Kudasai is currently and solely located at 527 Melting Pot, Omega Ave, Quezon City. Where everyone from all walks of life would go back countless time to have the ever consistent delicious ramen of Ramen Kudasai. Whatever your reason why you love ramen, you might be sick and tired of real but instant ramens in the malls, or perhaps even if you have never tried the delicacy, Ramen Kudasai will change the way you look and eat ramen. In simpler terms, Ramen Kudasai changed the game. Some ramen houses need to re-think life.

Filipinos, Japanese, and Chinese alike go to Ramen Kudasai for their awestruck menu, which is great for the climate this time of the year and is also perfect for staycation season, where eGetinnz could help people find a home away from home.


Maartea: The Newest Tea House to Put You in Awe

Whilst there are people who live for coffee there is a myriad of people who prefer another source of natural caffeine without the usual bitter taste,  that’s the majestic tea drinks. From the ancient herbal drinks to the modern milk teas of today, tea has a very special place in people’s hearts. It calms people with anxiety, helps artists think in peace, and even quench everybody’s thirst. There is simply no way why people could reject a milk tea drink.


Maartea is perhaps one of the newest tea houses to do just that, serve authentic tea from the traditional time of tea and appeal to the modern palette of people today. If you are indeed maartea or picky with the tea and flavors that touch your taste buds, well, Maartea will certainly put you in awe, despite its young age in the market it serves a wide variety of flavors that will make your taste buds explode in a good way. Might you be a student wanting to chill with friends over a cup of milk tea, a tea enthusiast, or even perhaps a traveler and or tourist that misses real tea? Maartea is just right for you.





If you are a tea enthusiast you will certainly notice how real flavors are scarce though there are lots of tea houses in malls and in food parks,  Maartea’s handcrafted flavors will definitely stand out, it even trumps the top tea houses when you compare its flavors; to further elaborate with the comparison subject, Maartea’s prices range from 45 PHP to 70 PHP, you can already buy two good and fulfilling cups for 100php that is not nearly enough at other shops.



Husband and wife, Marc and Agnes are totally dedicated and they want everybody to experience milk tea flavor in a Maartea way. Today, Maartea has two existing branches in Quezon City, one in Lagro and another one in Dahlia, and third is on its way in Don Antonio. And if you are planning to stay for a bit longer in Quezon City, we can help you find a home away from home at eGetinnz, you can visit our official Facebook page or go directly to our website to find great deals of accommodation.

Magic and Music Cafe for Potterheads

The newest Harry Potter-themed café for Potterheads. Looking for a place to geek out and chill at the same time? This magical café will address your need for a safe haven this rainy season. The place is founded only two months ago by Ran Diaz, who is 36 years old, a Potterhead, and a Wandmaker himself just as Ollivander is. He makes and wands and crafts every single one on his own for eight years now and his goal is to be the fourth person in the world to complete the wands in the famous books.

Magic&Music Cafe’ is isolated and lowkey yet it is already on a pedestal to par with the first Harry Potter-themed cafes in the Metro Manila. Aside from the wonderful displays and ambiance, they serve good food and GREAT BUTTER BEER that is straight outta the books, just the right combination of being sweet and bitter and smoothness that could soothe your Potterhead nostalgia.

Ran Diaz smartly mashed both music and his love for Harry Potter in one, there are vinyl records in the cafe and even phonograph which are only a few items from Diaz’s mementos from his beloved and generous master who recently died last December 2017. You can also wear your Hogwarts house cloaks and scarves for the time being spent in the cafe and Diaz also makes customized wands for Potterheads who received their wands from Pottermore.

Although far from the busy streets of the city, this café is a bit hidden from the public just like platform 9 3/4, Magic and Music Cafe is worth the journey and is located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, one ride away from SM City Fairview and if you wish to stay longer in the area you could find a home away from home here https://www.egetinnz.com/s/nov…/ChIJf10pYFewlzMReidYf-O-eNU…

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