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10 Historical Firsts about Iloilo That You Didn’t Know

When it comes to Philippine history, Iloilo has never been in the limelight of the history books everyone was asked to study and evidently memorize. It has always been other nearby provinces but never Iloilo. Not everyone knows that it is dubbed as the Heritage Haven of Panay.

  1. Iloilo is where the Malays, the second genetical ancestors of the Philippines first landed. This is why Ilonggos are naturally the epitome of Filipina beauties.
  2. This is the biggest province in the Philippines in terms of population, income, and economic production during the 19th century.
  3. The first Philippine airline established after World War II was organized by Ilonggos, the airline was known as the Far Eastern Air Transport Incorporated had the Iloilo-Manila-Hongkong trips, the airline ceased to exist and was later turned into an aeronautical university today, the FEATI University.
  4. The first Filipino to fly an airplane for passengers was an Ilonggo – Jose Tinsay in 1925.
  5. The first school for boys in the Philippines was founded in Tigbauan by the famous Jesuit priest and historian, Pedro Chirino in 1592.
  6. The first luxury liner in the island – S/S Don Esteban of the De la Rama Line.
  7. The first concrete road in the country – from Forbes Bridge to Jaro Plaza.
  8. The only Filipino nominated to the Supreme Court of Cuba – Raymundo Melliza.
  9. The first Filipino to launch the propaganda movement in Spain, Graciano Lopez Jaena of Jaro also known as the greatest orator the Philippines ever produced.
  10. The first province to export sugar to Australia.

Iloilo may not be a household name but it is filled with stories of the past that have been passed down to generations of locals that you could actually know for yourself might you want to visit the alluring province yourself, go to www.egetinnz.com to find a home away from home and travel now.