Not the Typical Rodeo: Must See Unusual Places to Visit in Texas

The great state of Texas has a lot to offer. From historical sites to arguably the best barbecue joints, Texas is a must visit place whenever you visit the USA or if you plan on having a road trip with friends and family. Texas has a lot more to offer especially for those who would want to visit offbeat, off the grid, wacky and unique attractions. That’s why here’s a shortlist of must visit wacky and outrageous Texas attractions.

  • Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Relive those old western films in this homage to the “Wild Wild West”. From viewings on collector pieces to interactive cowboy exhibits the Cowboy Hall of Fame has everything for anyone who wants to be like John Wayne.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
  • Stonehenge II and Easter Island heads

A replica monument for those who can’t go to the real thing. This scale replica stands in an empty field which is perfect for a side stop during a road trip.

Stonehenge II Flickr Andrew Nourse
Photo credit: Flickr Andrew Nourse
Easter Island heads Corey Taratuta Flickr
Photo credit: Flickr Corey Taratuta
  • Sparky Park

Another place for eccentric art, this abandoned electric sub-station is now the home of various eccentric pieces of art made from the very same pieces of the station. It’s a quirky place to bring family especially the kids.

Photo credit: Flickr lee leblanc
Photo credit: Flickr lee leblanc
  • Barney Smith’s Toilet Art Museum

I know not the most appealing art museum to visit but then again art is free expression. This is precisely what retired plumber Barney Smith did to express himself through art on toilet lids. Believe us it’s worth it to drop by and enjoy the art work while chit-chatting with the artist himself.

Barney Smiths Toilet Art Museum Flickr juliegomoll
Photo credit: Flickr juliegomoll
  • Starship Pegasus

What better way to cap off a roadtrip than to have a photo op with an intergalactic vessel. This former eatery and entertainment center is perfect for those random stops during a long road trip.

Photo credit: Flickr Beth Felice
Photo credit: Flickr Beth Felice