Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

The beautiful landscape of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is indeed breathtaking. Famous for its winding trails and tranquil surroundings, the extensive hill station was first developed by the British in the 1920’s.

Not only do they have these lush hills but they also have a strawberry farm, butterfly farm and rose garden to explore. Cameron Highlands is a popular tourist destination and is well preserved.

Photo credit: Fabian Greiler- Flickr
Photo credit: Fabian Greiler- Flickr

Tea Plantation

Tourists often book the guided “tea” tours to see the vast tea plantations. The tea industry is a thriving one in Malaysia particularly in Cameron Highlands.


Strawberry Farm

Photo credit: amrufm- Flickr
Photo credit: amrufm- Flickr

Butterfly Park

Photo credit: Will Ellis- Flickr
Photo credit: Will Ellis- Flickr

Rose Garden

Photo credit: I'm "[Yi.En.Shawn]- Flickr
Photo credit: I’m “[Yi.En.Shawn]- Flickr

17 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands in Malaysia”

  1. It was such a wonderful place, the hills were so green and got bounty leaves. As well as the butterfly parking place, I was so amazed by its countless forms and would definitely want to visit and see them live with my own eyes.

  2. It’s so beautiful out there! The whole place is filled with sights to see and areas to explore! I wouldn’t mind spending a day or two here just walking around the place.

  3. What beautiful pictures! The strawberry farm looks delicious. How cool to see one up close. I also love the Butterfly and Rose gardens. So much beauty there. I would love to visit someday.

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