Deepest Diving Points for the Adventurer in You

There’s a whole other world of excitement that awaits anyone under the sea. But deep-sea adventures, such as scuba diving require some guts and will require a bit more know-how in the water. The stunning scenery and abundance of underwater life become a lot more impressive and unbelievable once you submerged deeper into the water. For a more memorable underwater experience, here is a list of some of the deepest diving points from around the world.

Yamashiro Wreck, Surigao Strait Philippines

Yamashiro was the Imperial Japanese Navy´s second Fuso-class battleship. She was the first Japanese vessel equipped with aircraft catapults. The ship was sunk by U.S. naval forces at the battle of Surigao Strait on the 25th October 1944. The shipwreck which lies about 200 meters below sea level was located by a British SCUBA diver and the first human ever to break the 1,000 feet barrier, John Benett in 2001. Recent explorations on the site revealed a deep dive down to 236 meters.

Sra Kaew, Krabi Thailand

The Sra Keaw located in Ao Nang, Krabi is the deepest cave in Asia.  This cave has some of the world’s most aggressive routes including a traverse to a nearby pond joining up at 67m. This worm hole into the earth is very silty and visibility will be stirred unless extreme caution is exercised. It was discovered by a team of divers on February 18, 2007, after reaching the bottom of the cave at 240 meters deep.

Red Sea

The Red Sea which lies between Africa and Asia is among the deepest diving sites in the world. This is where the deepest scuba dive happened. It was achieved by Ahmed Gabr, a 41-year-old Egyptian after plunging an astonishing 332.35 meters in the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt on September 18, 2014.

Font Estramar, France

Font Estramar is an exsurgence –  the outlet of subterranean flows that come from the infiltration of rainwater. Located at the foot of the Corbières Maritimes on the territory of the town of Salses-le-Château, it is the deepest resurgence explored in diving in Europe, the 5th deepest in the world. On August 16, 2013, Xavier Méniscus, equipped with a double recycler and assisted by a large international team, continues the exploration of the cavity to a depth of 248 meters. In July 2015, with the help of fifteen crew members, he again repelled the exploration of about thirty meters to the depth of 262 meters.

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda also known as Benaco, is the largest lake in Italy. It has a depth of more or less 350 meters. On September 20, 2012; Darek Wilamowski attempted to beat the world record for taking the deepest dive in Europe ever done and to thereby become the first Pole who ever crossed the barrier of 300 meters depth and fifth such a person in the world, but finished his dive at 244 meters deep after 10 hours and 12 minutes.

10 thoughts on “Deepest Diving Points for the Adventurer in You”

  1. Oh this is very interesting! I always wanted to try scuba diving but not the type where i would go deep underwaters as in that deep and discover sunken ships down under. It scares me. Those diving sites mentioned were all very much interesting amd has a lot of story to tell..

  2. Wow, this is truly awesome and beautiful. I once have had my DSD and it was truly amazing. I wish to have my license soon so that I can dive and experience more of the beautiful scenery in the ocean. I haven’t been to this places you’ve mentioned, hopefully soon when I get my license and will surely dive to these places. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. I didn’t know Siargao has one of the deepest diving point. Recently, my husband got into the sports of diving and he totally loves it. I will tell him this and for sure, he will add this to his bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Diving is always an adventure.Every person is not lucky enough to see such things under water.These underwater sites look amazing.Pictures are beautiful too…

  5. I am not diver. But I have friends who are. It’s interesting to see that Siargao is in this list. My husband is from Surigao. Siargao is very near their city.

  6. Diving is always one of my bucket lists but I don’t know if it can be realized! I don’t know how to swim so I am not sure how I can dive without the fear of drowning. My husband is very adventurous though and have tried diving. He’s fond of free diving as well and I ak always envious of his photos underwater. Coron, Palawan..Moalboal and Malapascua, Cebu are great diving sites here in the Philippines too. 🙂

  7. Wow! Wow! So pretty the underwater world 🙂 definitely a great list to all divers, sad that I can’t swim, also dare not dive. Even though lots of my diver friends shared with me that no need to know swimming to do diving though…but am scared though 😉 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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