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eGetinnz Launches its Brand New 2018 App

eGetinnz after two years of being in the travel accommodation or vacation rentals industry is launching its eGetinnz App to provide easier access for its market, helping everybody leap around the world.

Ever feel as if you are tired and drowning in the stressful environment you currently in? And although you want to travel, you have no time to plan ahead of time and or finding a home away from home feels like a lost cause nowadays that there are a lot of blunders and scams online?

Why be scared when here is eGetinnz, now on its app that provides not only smart solutions for your travel needs but also a home away from home where you would be amongst the locals themselves? Or even provide you the quick escape you desperately need but does not just know. Do a staycation and you will see the difference because life is about more than just surviving.

From accommodations to tour packages, to airfare, and even the activity guides that you need. eGetinnz has your back. eGetinnz only wants to help you leap around the world, with accurate assistance, friendly user interface, wide options of properties, and lastly reasonable price.

Everything that you will ever need is right here, live while you can, get out of your comfort zone and travel the world today. Let eGetinnz help you. Download the app from Google Play and or App Store.

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Airfares Around the World Now at Hand with eGetinnz

Following its versatile leap towards flexibility with providing travel and tours packages, eGetinnz is now offering its market access not just to leap around the world but also fly around the world.

eGetinnz is a travel accommodation website that initially offers smart solutions of places to stay at for everyone, from resorts, bed & breakfast, to even studio rooms, and that is until the company has decided to bring the whole lot of travel and tour packages for everyone just this past month of July, making it easy for people who would love to travel to leap around the world.

Think of eGetinnz as your virtual travel buddy, preparing everything you will ever need before you go ahead and travel to places. A home away from home, the activities to do, and even your airfare; eGetinnz has everything to help you travel for business or pleasure.

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Travel and Tours Now in eGetinnz

eGetinnz, one of the newest travel accommodation websites, offers smart flexible options of properties for its market since 2016, however after a couple of years of sole focus in helping people to find a home away from theirs. However, eGetinnz has started to acquire travel and tours partnership over the last few months of operations and is now ready to offer more to its market.

The travel and tour packages would include itineraries, guides, even airfares on the sides of its main piece de resistance, the wide pool of properties eGetinnz has around the world. Although the aforementioned packages only are available in the Philippines, eGetinnz continues to widen its scope of service.

As of today, there are eight packages to choose from after you book from eGetinnz, that would definitely take you to an eGetexperience of your life.

Saving the waters, save Boracay

Boracay has been lauded as a cesspool by President Rodrigo Duterte and local executives plead for the salvation of the beautiful paradise of an island. The president has also threatened to declare a ‘state of calamity’ over the growing water pollution turned to sewage problem in Boracay.saveboracay1.jpg

The island is part of the rapid urbanization development that took place in the country in the early 2000s, 47% of the bodies of water in the country are in still good condition, 40% is fair quality, and 13% considered being bad quality. However, the island is a tremendous facet of tourism for the country, making a revenue of over 2 million pesos in the year 2017 alone. Shutting down the place for months will sure cause a ripple effect towards the industry.

Water pollution is largely caused by hazardous wastes and toxic materials such as those from oil refineries, oil tankers, construction wastes, improper disposal of chemical wastes, sewage leaks, and agricultural runoffs as a few examples.

In the context of the Boracay crisis however, water pollution in the island is mainly caused by human activities and natural resources combined. This type of water pollution is called a non-point source pollution that can occur from large residential areas with poor lawn quality from sewage leaks and other type of contaminant. Hotels and bars alike are swarming the island and these properties can be of a paramount contributor to the degrading waters of the island. Effects of this gradual deterioration are toxic rain, sickness and diseases from the water, and eventually the degradation of land and water.

What the government can do

Since the government led by Gina Lopez has rallied great amount of effort to save and preserve the nature, first the Filipinos need to be made aware of the health and economic repercussions of water pollution. Awareness if the first key. Stakeholders across all sectors also need to understandingly cooperate in order to prioritize the right actions to save the quality of water. Wastewater treatment should be paid attention to, also the implementation of the laws (Clean Water Act of 2004) regarding the contribution to wastewater.


How everybody can help

In simple ways, everybody can make, together it would create an impact.

  1. Keep your car well maintained and have it regularly serviced to avoid and oil leakage.
  2. Reduce, recycle, reuse any materials you have purchased. Plastics the most harmful waste can always be reused in whichever way that you see fit.
  3. Disposal of non-recyclable waste should be given proper and utmost attention. Do not throw in carelessly anywhere that could lead it to any body of water.
  4. Properly dispose of toxic chemicals instead of dropping them down the drain. The internet can always be of an assistance as to how to dispose any toxic chemicals in your house.
  5. Have your septic tanks regularly taken care of as well, this can later on cause a sewage problem.
  6. Lastly, conserve water. Other countries are not so lucky as the Philippines to be abundant in fresh and seawater.


eGetinnz Guests Live on DWDD Katropa Radio

eGetinnz had the pleasure of guesting on DWDD Katropa Radio with Digital Filipina hosts Karina Ramos and Myrns Roman. As eGetinnz becomes known more and more we hope not only to share about travel booking and vacation rentals but being an all in one portal for your travel desires.

During the guesting we talked about the latest travel trends and destinations. As we see it these will be the popular destinations for 2017:

  1. Canada- travelers are exploring Canada especially because of PM Trudeau and the upcoming  150th anniversary
  2. Finland- World Figure Skating Championships and the Nordic World Ski Championships
  3. Havana, Cuba- boost in travel as more and more clamor to appreciate the colorful and cultural city
  4. Zimbabwe- a new $150 million airport in Victoria Falls with an expected 1.5 million people a year visiting

The best way to immerse yourself in any place you travel is to live amongst the local folks.  What better way than to stay in a local home.

Vacation rentals are cost effective allowing you to pay for only a fraction of the cost you would have spent at a hotel. You won’t have to miss those creature comforts when you’re traveling.

eGetinnz also provides you a guide of recommended places from attractions to dining options.
Discover what the city offers with our suggestions.