Useful Travel Tips

Traveling is exciting, but preparing for it can be a big headache. We have collected the most-approved travel tips to save you from troubles you might encounter during your trips.

  1. Roll the clothes instead of folding them to save space. Rolled clothes can make full use of the suitcase space. You can fill up the small space with socks, underwear and other small items. Rolling can also prevent wrinkles.
  2. Exercise the day before your trip to avoid jet lag.

    Photo credit: Pixabay Wokandapix
    Photo credit: Pixabay Wokandapix
  3. Scan your passport, identity cards and itinerary then send copies to yourself to prevent important materials being stolen or lost.
  4. Put necklaces through straws to prevent tangles.
  5. Wear clothes with many pockets so you don’t need to frequently open your luggage.
  6. Take pictures of maps, notes and itinerary with your camera or cell phone to save space.
  7. When choosing flight seats for two, choose the window and aisle one. It’s most likely that the middle seat will remain empty. Even if it’s taken, you can swap seats and sit together.

    Flickr SuperJet International
    Photo credit: Flickr SuperJet International
  8. Mark your suitcase as fragile and it will be handled carefully. It will also be placed above other suitcases and be the first to be put onto the conveyor belt.

    Photo credit: Flickr Alessandro Prada
    Photo credit: Flickr Alessandro Prada
  9. Can’t remember where you were when you took photos? Simply take a picture of the ticket or road sign before taking photos of a new destination.

    Photo credit: Pixabay joakimstamming
    Photo credit: Pixabay joakimstamming
  10. Unpack everything upon arrival. The longer you wait, the more reluctant you are to move.

14 thoughts on “Useful Travel Tips”

  1. Great tips – I lost my passport once in Germany but I was allowed to travel on an emergency document because I had a scan of it on my phone that I could show them – it was a lifesaver!

  2. Love the second to the last tip about taking pictures with the road signs! Brilliant. Enjoyed these tips, by the way. I think I ought to travel
    more so I can use them!!!

  3. These are so useful travel tips! I didn’t know doing exercises the day before a trip can help to avoid the effects of jet lag! I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

  4. These are great tips which we can all benefit from when traveling. As a frequent flyer, I dont only like to give useful tips but also read new ones that can help me. I did not know about the exercise for avoiding jetlag.

  5. Great ideas on packing for travel. Yes, packing can be time consuming and for some, can be frustrating. For instance, I like to use a small baggage so I do not have to wait a long time on baggage claims. It has happened to me before that the last few essential items I needed to bring would not fit in my small baggage. The solution? As you mentioned, roll the clothes.

  6. I dont travel a lot but I’m planning to go to one of the provinces here in the Philippines this September. And this is really helpful and informative. Will definitely bookmark this for future reference, especially that September’s almost here 🙂

  7. There are some very useful tips I didn’t know about. Next time I’ll try to roll the clothes and see how it is. I didn’t know either about exercising to avoid jet lag but I never travel far enough to have jet lag yet. Taking the window and aisle seat is smart. It’s true that it won’t harm to swap if the middle is taken and I’m sure the person will be pleased to trade the middle for window or aisle. But if you often end up having the middle empty by choosing window and aisle, I’ll definitely try that next time I book a flight with my girlfriend

  8. These travel tips you’ve listed are essential and that people should take note whether they are traveling international or just local. At least to be safe.

  9. Some great tips shared! I struggle with packing my stuff inside the suitcase as it’s very difficult for me to choose what to keep inside and what to leave…lol

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