Useful Travel Tips

Traveling is exciting, but preparing for it can be a big headache. We have collected the most-approved travel tips to save you from troubles you might encounter during your trips.

  1. Roll the clothes instead of folding them to save space. Rolled clothes can make full use of the suitcase space. You can fill up the small space with socks, underwear and other small items. Rolling can also prevent wrinkles.
  2. Exercise the day before your trip to avoid jet lag.

    Photo credit: Pixabay Wokandapix
    Photo credit: Pixabay Wokandapix
  3. Scan your passport, identity cards and itinerary then send copies to yourself to prevent important materials being stolen or lost.
  4. Put necklaces through straws to prevent tangles.
  5. Wear clothes with many pockets so you don’t need to frequently open your luggage.
  6. Take pictures of maps, notes and itinerary with your camera or cell phone to save space.
  7. When choosing flight seats for two, choose the window and aisle one. It’s most likely that the middle seat will remain empty. Even if it’s taken, you can swap seats and sit together.

    Flickr SuperJet International
    Photo credit: Flickr SuperJet International
  8. Mark your suitcase as fragile and it will be handled carefully. It will also be placed above other suitcases and be the first to be put onto the conveyor belt.

    Photo credit: Flickr Alessandro Prada
    Photo credit: Flickr Alessandro Prada
  9. Can’t remember where you were when you took photos? Simply take a picture of the ticket or road sign before taking photos of a new destination.

    Photo credit: Pixabay joakimstamming
    Photo credit: Pixabay joakimstamming
  10. Unpack everything upon arrival. The longer you wait, the more reluctant you are to move.

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