The Good Life: Best Wine Districts and Regions in Europe

If you happen to go to Europe, one of the most sought after tours would be in the vineyards and wineries across the region. So better dress your Sunday best and visit the top 5 wine regions across Europe.

Photo credit: Graeme Churchard- Flickr
Photo credit: Graeme Churchard- Flickr
  • Porto and Duoro Valley, Portugal

The vineyards that cascade along the Duoro valley, wines from this region is considered as one of the finest. There’s no other place to taste the original but here in the valleys of Porto and Duoro. You won’t regret the trip because of the complexities and richness of the wines produced here.


  • Piedmont, Italy

Lying below the Alps, this Italian wine region presents us not only with a spectacular view but also complex wine grapes that brings out subtle tastes in the reds that they produce.


  • Tuscany, Italy

Nothing describes relaxation better than a glass of Tuscan wine along the valley or the beach. Tuscany brings not only a various range of wine making regions (and with them different wine flavours) but also a spectacular scenery that can only be described as breathtaking.


  • Bordeaux, France

Considered as one of the largest wine regions in Europe Bordeaux. The town of Saint- Emillion is a good start for touring this wine region. Bordeaux wine can be characterized as a complex yet elegant blend of flavours that is not too overpowering to the pallet.

Photo Credit: Christophe PINARD – Flickr
  • Champagne, France

This region is very accessible by train from the busiest of tourist attractions, Paris. Enjoy tours around the region as well as cultural heritage sites while making sure to sample what Champagne has to offer.

Things to Bring when Camping

Camping outside is no joke especially for those who are just beginners in the nature tripping hobby. Here is a list of some essential things that you must bring when camping.

  1. Flashlight

Light is scarce in the wild so you have to always be prepared. This also serves as a safety precaution in the wilderness.

Photo credit: Flickr Ian D. Keating
Photo credit: Flickr Ian D. Keating
  1. Food and Water

You need these to sustain yourself in the wild. Never be too cheap on when it comes to these essentials!

Photo credit: Flickr Nick Perla
Photo credit: Flickr Nick Perla
  1. Clothes

The wild is rough and dirty so you must always be ready with spare clothes, just in case you need some.

Photo credit: Flickr Marc Levin
Photo credit: Flickr Marc Levin
  1. Sturdy shoes or sandals

It gets rocky out there, and you would’nt want to hurt or injure yourself when walking around. So gear up!

Photo credit: Flickr Dustin Ground
Photo credit: Flickr Dustin Ground
  1. Tent and insect repellant

One of the most important things you should bring to ensure that your health is not compromised. You’re never too sure about the environment that you will be staying in so come prepared!

Photo credit: Pixabay bhossfeld
Photo credit: Pixabay bhossfeld