5 Stunning Places to Visit for Your Honeymoon

After the wedding is over and done with, the newly married couple excitedly looks forward to spending time with each other in a place where they can sit back, relax and create wonderful memories as husband and wife. Here is a list of destinations to make every couple’s honeymoon truly memorable.

Niyama Maldives (Maldives)

Niyama Maldives prides itself on being “nature’s play area.” It consists of two islands “Chill” and “Play” that are linked by a bridge. It is an ideal family or couple’s haven with lush vegetation, crystal clear waters and white beach shorelines. Get spectacular views of the sea from any of their shoreline front suites or over water pavilions and experience island living at its finest.


Anax Resort & Spa (Greece)

The Anax Resort & Spa is a brand new 5-star resort hotel in Agios Ioannis, Mykonos, Greece that offers breathtaking views of the sea. It is a world-class facility that blends Cycladic architecture with modern amenities and superb personalized services. Here, newlyweds will experience beauty, comfort and tranquility in any of their designer suites or maisonettes.


Turtle Bay Resort (Hawaii)

Turtle Bay Resort is a luxury beach hotel in Oahu, Hawaii which boasts of upscale amenities, unparalleled service and stunning natural beauty. The newly married couple will never run out of things to do here.  They can swim, surf, snorkel, kayak, bike, play tennis and golf, and go horseback riding, jogging and walking, among many others.


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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Honeymooners will also have an unforgettable Thai getaway at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. Here, they will earn to cook Thai cuisine from the resort’s executive chef, receive luxurious spa treatments, discover Muay Thai kickboxing, visit the Elephant Camp, experience hot-air balloon rides, or simply laze in their infinity-edge swimming pool amidst the scenic rice terraces of the Mae Rim Valley.


El Nido Resorts Apulit Island (Philippines)

Adventurous couples will have a thrilling time at El Nido Resorts Apulit Island in Taytay Bay, Northeastern Palawan, Philippines. They can climb and rappel down a limestone cliff, dive and see sunken treasures and colorful marine species, explore natural caves, and go island hopping.

Newly married couples can make their honeymoon truly unforgettable by visiting any of these wonderful destinations.


6 thoughts on “5 Stunning Places to Visit for Your Honeymoon”

  1. This would be a great honeymoon place. If only I have the budget to afford these, though. Haha. I’m glad El Nido made it to the list. Went there last December, and I can testify! Lots of free-spirited young crowd and a beautiful beach backdrop. Perfect romantic honeymoon 🙂

  2. If budget won’t be an issue, I’d love to visit all of these luxe destinations you’ve mentioned. I’m most enticed to see Mykonos, Greece. It’s all over Instagram and I can only imagine how lovely walking down on white painted cobbled walkways with all bright colors popping from pretty painted structures laid along every street on it. It’s just so Instagrammable plus the raves about the food. I want to experience it soon. And newly wed couples would really fall head over heels in love again with each other with a romantic places like these as their backdrop.

  3. Maldives and Greece are the two placed my fiance and I plan to go for our honeymoon. We even plan to go to Dubai as well. We scratched off El Nido from the list because we’ve already been to El Nido. As for Thailand, we plan to go there before our marriage as a prenuptial honeymoon. Hahaha. After reading your article, it made me think whether we should go to Hawaii as well. I mean, we can drop by the place for a day or two. Anyway, thanks for sharing this article! This have been a huge help for me since I’m planning for our honeymoon as well. 🙂

  4. Ohhh Maldives! I’ve always wanted to go there! I think we almost have the same list! Though, honeymoon is waaaay too far yet (for me). But let’s see! I’m getting older!

  5. Your list is beautiful. Those places you’ve recommended are indeed worth seeing and experiencing especially with a loved one. I particularly love Greece. And also Maldives, and Hawaii, and Thailand. Ihihi. It seems I am enumerating all. As I have told you, you’ve got a great list here.

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