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Specialising in Palmistry and Emotional Healing, London psychic Philena Bruce is a Palmist, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant with over 35 years experience. She has read hands from all over the world and many fly to the United Kingdom to see her.

Tell us about yourself.

I have been practising palmistry since 1973. Between then and now I have read hands all over the world. I spent much of the eighties in India, where my reputation as a good Palmist spread all over South India.

As a young adult, I taught Mathematics in a secondary boys school in West London. In 1980 I resigned and went to India for 2 years, starting in Calcutta, now Kolkata, where I worked in Mother Teresa’s children’s home for a few months. Later I travelled around the entire country twice, ending in Shantivanam Ashram, the Ashram of Father Bede Griffiths in South India. I loved this place so much, I returned many times throughout the eighties.

In the late eighties, I set up as a Palmist in London and taught Mathematics part time to young ballet dancers in central London. Over the next few years I developed my own healing business. In the mid nineties I went full time into Palmistry and Healing.

In 2009 I went back to Shantivanam Ashram in South India and wrote my book – Know That You Are Loved; Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone.

Today I continue to practise Palmistry, Card Readings, Clairvoyance and Healing. I see people face to face and also do Telephone Readings.

Please share a little bit about yourself as a business owner.

I enjoy running my own business as it gives me freedom as to how I organise my life. I don’t employ anyone, I never have. I am a late night person, so deal with admin and emails late at night, when there are no doorbells or telephones to distract me, and get up late. I have given up working in the mornings; I work afternoons and evenings.

What is the most challenging part of being a business owner?


Learning to pace myself so I don’t over work. Having the strength to turn down work, when it coincides with my personal time, regardless of how much money I might have earned or how needy the client is. I learnt the hard way, that if I don’t look after myself, I get ill and then need to take much more time off work.

Why did you venture into your current business?

Having become well-known for my Palmistry in South India in the eighties, I thought I would  give it a go in London – never looked back.

What do you want to highlight about your business?

I have had over 40 years experience worldwide as a Palmist.. Nearly 30 years experience as a healer. And have been releasing stuck spirits from properties for the last 25 years. I see people face to face and give Telephone Readings.

I am the author of Know That You Are Loved; Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone, which has been published by O Books.

What do you like to do in your free time or currently find interest in?

I like reading, travelling to faraway places, visiting relatives and spending quality time with friends. I also enjoy going to the theatre.

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49 thoughts on “Palmistry, Tarot Readings, Mediumship & Healing – Philena Bruce”

  1. I honestly do not believe in palm reading. For the reason that I don’t believe in destiny. I believe we are responsible for every decision we make. With that said I admire her a lot. Living out everyone’s dream of being able to earn a living from doing what you love. Great interview keep it up.

  2. This really got me curious. I read tarot cards but I don’t think I’m that good. However, some would really tell me that what I read from the cards they chose, I bought the tarot cards with a book and it really gets me curious. Is it normal to feel drained after reading tarot cards to other people?

    1. if you feel drained after doing a reading it means you have used your own energy for the reading, rather than channelling it from a higher source. Also some people can be particularly exhausting, especially if they have a negative spirit attached to them.. I find it helps to say a prayer before the reading and ask for higher guidance, this way one is far less likely to feel drained by the end.

  3. This was a fascinating read. I’ve recently started to get interested in palmistry and was looking for someone local to see. Do you have any way to tell if someone is good at it?

  4. Wow a palmist. I am actually quite fascinated with people who are able to do this, the palmist, the tarot readers. I wish I could read palm, not because I want to earn from it but because I think it’d be interesting to have a glimpse of a person just by reading the lines on his or her hand. Wish I could meet her.

  5. I have a tarot reading done every January. It’s something I anticipate and try to take with grain of salt. More often it has its merits. It seems like reading palms can be a heavy responsibility.

  6. I think it’s been quite a while since I had this experience. It’s interesting to find out more about the one reading tarot cards to you. She sounds like a lovely lady.

  7. I have gotten both Palm readings & Tarot readings done and sometimes they do turn out to widely accurate.

  8. I don’t believe in this but I know someone who likes to know his/her future. I rather live one day at a time and believe that God will guide me in the right path.

  9. I have always wanted to have my palm read. I’d love to know what this lady has to say- she seems very passionate and dedicated to her work.

    1. If you were able to email me very clear photos or scans of your palms, I would be able to give you a telephone reading.

  10. I haven’t tried having my palm read simply because I do not know if I should believe with the reading or not. We make our own destiny and most of it comes from our everyday decisions.

  11. There was one time I experienced someone scan and sort of read my palm but that was a very long time and I don’t actually remember what she said. I believe somehow that there are real people that are given with this kind of knowledge or vision and that is truly a gift. 🙂

  12. I have an aunt who regularly goes for palm reading, and swears by it. I, honestly, am a little freaked out by the idea so I’ve never gone. Not sure if I ever will. Lol.

  13. Sorry my family is religious so I don’t quite believe in palmistry, tarot readings, etc. They seem interesting and spreads curiosity though.

  14. This is interesting. My husband recently had his palm read over the Chinese New Year celebration. It was supposed to be me, but he was more curious so I let him have my slot. Clairvoyance is something I’m into though not very openly to others. I consider it a gift too.

    1. Palmistry is not a clairvoyant art, it is a science; which can be learnt by any intelligent person, who is able to do simple arithmetic in their head. Occasionally you meet people who take your hand and give a clairvoyant reading, these people are not palmists. They are clairvoyants, who like to have physical contact with you while doing a reading – your hand is the easiest part of you to hold.

  15. I tried that before and I can’t remember what she have told me, maybe because I’m not paying attention. I think that’s because at the back of my mind everything she says are not true.

  16. This was interesting to read about. I have never tried palm reading or tarot cards. That’s not for me to say if it is real or not. After all anything is possible in this crazy world of ours.

  17. When I was in high school, I used to frequent the library and read almost anything. I also studied reading palms and my classmates would really find it entertaining and exciting. Those were the days. My friend believes in such craft and one time introduced me to her manghuhula. It was fun knowing the future but I would still believe in the power of faith and prayers.

  18. I’ve always been curious with what I’ll hear when I get my palms read. Sometimes, it’s scary though to know if it’s something bad. Oh well, I think it’s just best to live one day at a time and not know about the future and fear it.

  19. Truth be told, I’m not into tarot or palm reading because I’m a paranoid one. I’m afraid isip isipin ko kung ano man ang mabasa sa kapalaran ko hehe. But there are gifted people in this craft and I’m sure they have helped some make better decisions in life.

  20. I happen to have a relative who’s a palmist, and I remember she read my palms when I was in grade school. And boy! Mmost of what she foretold came true. These days, though, I’m afraid to see a palmist again for fear of something negative I might receive from him/her.

  21. I happen to have a relative who’s a palmist, and I remember she read my palms when I was in grade school. And boy! Most of what she foretold came true. These days, though, I’m afraid to see a palmist again for fear of something negative I might receive from him/her.

    1. A good palmist would explain to you how to avoid something negative found in your hand. That is one of the purposes of Palmistry – if you know what is coming – you can take steps to avoid it. The future is not set in stone in your hands. It is what is likely to happen if you continue the way you are going, change the way you are living and your future will change, as will the lines in your hand.

      1. That sounds really good advise “The future is not set in stone in your hands. It is what is likely to happen if you continue the way you are going, change the way you are living and your future will change, as will the lines in your hand”

        Like to know more 🙂

  22. I tried palm reading for fun during our college booth, but I do not believe that to much because no one knows our future, only God knows what is store for us

  23. Palm reading has always been one of the ways someone reads one’s future. I’m interested on having some readings of my palm but of course you’ll always be the one who’ll create your own future. 😉

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