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What Duterte’s Build, Build, Build Project Could Mean to Philippine Tourism

When it comes to getaways that pique the interests of many foreign travelers, Philippines does not have an unexciting or uneventful island from Batanes up north to Davao down south and with the current government’s Build, Build, Build Project tourism industry might just boom like never before.

Whilst the ongoing debate over Boracay’s island wide closure where approximately five billion pesos worth of gross would be lost, President Rodrigo controversial project, being called out as overspending with $180 billion as budget for the major and nationwide constructions. With the stable economy brought by his predecessor beginning the year 2011, Duterte intend to change former President Aquino’s under spending to give the Filipinos 75 flagship projects.

The government is looking at six airports, nine railways, three bus transits, 32 roads and bridges, and four seaports in the hopes of urbanizing rural areas. To improve local net worth buttering the local government units for his desire for a change to the democratic government to federalism where LGUs has the authority over its funds and freedom over their domain. Make provincial investments and make production and transportation of goods easier and create more options and jobs for the people.

On the other hand, tourism in the country has always been thriving although the Philippines has been lauded as the “Sick man of Asia” and Duterte wants to change that by creating new infrastructures that would serve as braces for the sick man to get back on his feet. Philippines has never had any major constructions since the time of President Ferdinand Marcos back in 1970s.

As of now the MRT-7 is being developed to lessen the current northern traffic congestion which resulted to even longer travel time around the upper part of Quezon City and the president strikes with the Build, Build, Build project at the same time targeting the year 2022 for a better country as a whole.

There is that bigger picture in Duterte’s mind which he is crafting to become real right now but that means would be of a paramount delay and hindrance to the usual everyday routine of the masses especially the commuters, even tourists that reside in the city. Business could be more sluggish than usual as the country wait for all of these pending projects to be done.

If Duterte succeeds, not only would he be remembered for the years to come as the Discipliner and the Builder who purged the country but the Philippines would develop internal and external growth. There would not be any tourism hesitancy with a fully functional country. However, if the president fails, the delay would only create longer dilemma and heavier chain reaction effect for the economy not just for tourism business.

La Casa De Todos Bed and Breakfast

La Casa de Todos Bed and Breakfast offers you the best in comfort and style in the charming colonial area of Coyoacan in Mexico City. Surrounded by cafes, restaurants, handicraft markets, and walking distance from Frida’s Blue House and the fascinating museum/house of Trotsky, this cozy bed and breakfast has five rustic yet elegant rooms to occupy. 

It’s a ten-minute walk from the centro de Coyoacan with its plaza garden located off Miguel Angel de Quevedo, a main avenue with camellon in the middle, you can take a 30-minute metro ride to the historic downtown.

After a busy day in one of the world’s largest lively and colorful cities, you can take refuge in the B & B’s quiet garden, El Alcatraz, or relax and watch TV in the common area. The innkeeper and staff will be happy to give you tips about getting around Mexico City or any other part of the Mexican republic.


Let’s meet the owner of La Casa de Todos, Lenore Cohen.

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been running La Casa de Todos for about 4 years now. I’ve always been a very sociable person and love meeting and hosting guests from all around the world. Since the people who come appreciate Mexico and the culture in a special and unique way, they’ve helped me look at my surroundings from their perspective. It’s great to have the world come to me, although I plan to do some more traveling myself.

I’ve worked in the ELT (English language teaching) field for many years in both publishing and teaching. Since many of my guests are studying Spanish and I am a lifelong student of other languages, I enjoy talking about the best methods to acquire another language. Also, I have a small library of children’s literature in Spanish available to them.

What is the most challenging part of being a business owner?

The most difficult thing about running this business is never knowing who will show up. Fortunately, most travelers I find are friendly, open, kind, and flexible, especially those that choose to stay at a B & B. They seem to be of somewhat different blood. They are in my sacred space, my home, and the kind of energy they bring with them makes all the difference.

Please share a little bit about yourself as a business owner.

I hope that what makes our place stand out is that we do everything with love. It starts with Paulina, the woman who helps me with cleaning and everything else around the house. We spend time getting the best quality breads and other foods for the breakfast and we try to make everyone feel at home.

What do you like to do in your free time or currently find interest in?

I have an active lifestyle, dancing and swimming at my gym as well as doing yoga and studying it for about 15 years. I started doing kundalini which besides postures involves a lot of chanting and meditation. I welcome yoginis to practice with me in the garden or accompany me to one of my classes. My state-of the-art gym is walking distance from La Casa and they can work out there, go swimming, or take a class.

Nowadays I write alternative materials for students and teachers of English. I am planning to create a site with original articles and material that can help learners and language educators all around the world.

La Casa de Todos Amenities

  • Delicious and healthy, mostly organic breakfast
  • Cozy living room with cable television and original Mexican art
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Intimate, interior garden with access to outdoor afternoon tea area
  • Washer

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For inquiries:

Space Healers – Lincoln Ascott

Lincoln Ascott is trained in several different schools of healing, having trained in the Chakra Energy System at the C.P.S (London) and in the (South American) Inca Shamanistic System of Healing with (Four Winds UK). He offers a professional, personal healing either person to person or as with many of his American and European clients, remote healing by Skype or telephone.

In addition he works with clients to help clear spirit attachments and various other blocks in their lives. He also deals with peoples personal property (houses, land or business) helping to either clear unwanted energies so that they can live more harmoniously in their homes or to help sell properties which may have become stuck in a chain or not be bringing in suitable buyers’.

Let’s hear more about it from Lincoln himself.

Please share a little bit about yourself as a business owner.

The nature of my business is one of continual development both personal and through my clients’ needs. I rely on listening to their personal stories and helping them to transform old patterns and wounded selves, bringing them into a state of wholeness and wellness. So my success and challenge as a business owner depends on being able, through my own integrity, authenticity and spiritual connection, to guide my clients to their own place of healing successfully.


Why did you venture into your current business?

I ventured into the business of healing over 20 years ago. Initially after I had a major accident in my life. Having received 3rd degree burns from scalding water I healed myself from that injury almost instantaneously. That led me on a journey of self-healing and training in the healing arts from which I started to heal others. Initially I worked in a private clinic and then in private practice for over 15 years.

What do you like to do in your free time or currently find interest in?

I have an on going interest in studying the Inca shamanic traditions of healing practices in South America. I have and continue to travel around the world and take any opportunities to visit sacred sites to perform healing ceremonies and learn from other indigenous cultures about their healing practices.

Do you have any special promotions this year that you would like to share with our site visitors?

I offer an initial consultation of a maximum of up to 30mins to establish the root of the underlying causes and symptoms of the situation be that of personal healing or property and land. An initial consultation can lead to a free full 2-hour healing session.

Violet Moon Psychics

Violet Moon, a psychic medium with gifts for as long as she can remember specializes in mediumship, psychic tarot and angel card readings, crystal ball, Psychometry, Abe Therapy, Angelic Reiki and spiritual healing.

Lorraine (1)

She started to develop her mediumship with a spiritual church in 2001.  Since then she has gone on to teach psychic and mediumship development and has a diploma with TV Psychic Tony Stockwell back in 2014 after spending a year in mentorship with him.

She has also worked for TV Psychic Derek Acorah on his psychic line and indeed was privileged to work alongside him demonstrating her mediumship in a theatre performance during 2016. She does occasional stand up mediumship demonstrations with a local spiritual church.

Having been a professional psychic/tarot card counsellor for well over 30 years and her business also includes selling crystals and other metaphysical products, organising occasional events and workshops.

Lorraine flyer for advert 2017

visit,, for further information.

Palmistry, Tarot Readings, Mediumship & Healing – Philena Bruce

Specialising in Palmistry and Emotional Healing, London psychic Philena Bruce is a Palmist, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant with over 35 years experience. She has read hands from all over the world and many fly to the United Kingdom to see her.

Tell us about yourself.

I have been practising palmistry since 1973. Between then and now I have read hands all over the world. I spent much of the eighties in India, where my reputation as a good Palmist spread all over South India.

As a young adult, I taught Mathematics in a secondary boys school in West London. In 1980 I resigned and went to India for 2 years, starting in Calcutta, now Kolkata, where I worked in Mother Teresa’s children’s home for a few months. Later I travelled around the entire country twice, ending in Shantivanam Ashram, the Ashram of Father Bede Griffiths in South India. I loved this place so much, I returned many times throughout the eighties.

In the late eighties, I set up as a Palmist in London and taught Mathematics part time to young ballet dancers in central London. Over the next few years I developed my own healing business. In the mid nineties I went full time into Palmistry and Healing.

In 2009 I went back to Shantivanam Ashram in South India and wrote my book – Know That You Are Loved; Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone.

Today I continue to practise Palmistry, Card Readings, Clairvoyance and Healing. I see people face to face and also do Telephone Readings.

Please share a little bit about yourself as a business owner.

I enjoy running my own business as it gives me freedom as to how I organise my life. I don’t employ anyone, I never have. I am a late night person, so deal with admin and emails late at night, when there are no doorbells or telephones to distract me, and get up late. I have given up working in the mornings; I work afternoons and evenings.

What is the most challenging part of being a business owner?


Learning to pace myself so I don’t over work. Having the strength to turn down work, when it coincides with my personal time, regardless of how much money I might have earned or how needy the client is. I learnt the hard way, that if I don’t look after myself, I get ill and then need to take much more time off work.

Why did you venture into your current business?

Having become well-known for my Palmistry in South India in the eighties, I thought I would  give it a go in London – never looked back.

What do you want to highlight about your business?

I have had over 40 years experience worldwide as a Palmist.. Nearly 30 years experience as a healer. And have been releasing stuck spirits from properties for the last 25 years. I see people face to face and give Telephone Readings.

I am the author of Know That You Are Loved; Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone, which has been published by O Books.

What do you like to do in your free time or currently find interest in?

I like reading, travelling to faraway places, visiting relatives and spending quality time with friends. I also enjoy going to the theatre.

Visit: Palmistry, Tarot Readings, Mediumship & Healing -by Philena Bruce Website and Facebook