Magic and Music Cafe for Potterheads

The newest Harry Potter-themed café for Potterheads. Looking for a place to geek out and chill at the same time? This magical café will address your need for a safe haven this rainy season. The place is founded only two months ago by Ran Diaz, who is 36 years old, a Potterhead, and a Wandmaker himself just as Ollivander is. He makes and wands and crafts every single one on his own for eight years now and his goal is to be the fourth person in the world to complete the wands in the famous books.

Magic&Music Cafe’ is isolated and lowkey yet it is already on a pedestal to par with the first Harry Potter-themed cafes in the Metro Manila. Aside from the wonderful displays and ambiance, they serve good food and GREAT BUTTER BEER that is straight outta the books, just the right combination of being sweet and bitter and smoothness that could soothe your Potterhead nostalgia.

Ran Diaz smartly mashed both music and his love for Harry Potter in one, there are vinyl records in the cafe and even phonograph which are only a few items from Diaz’s mementos from his beloved and generous master who recently died last December 2017. You can also wear your Hogwarts house cloaks and scarves for the time being spent in the cafe and Diaz also makes customized wands for Potterheads who received their wands from Pottermore.

Although far from the busy streets of the city, this café is a bit hidden from the public just like platform 9 3/4, Magic and Music Cafe is worth the journey and is located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, one ride away from SM City Fairview and if you wish to stay longer in the area you could find a home away from home here…/ChIJf10pYFewlzMReidYf-O-eNU…

Airfares Around the World Now at Hand with eGetinnz

Following its versatile leap towards flexibility with providing travel and tours packages, eGetinnz is now offering its market access not just to leap around the world but also fly around the world.

eGetinnz is a travel accommodation website that initially offers smart solutions of places to stay at for everyone, from resorts, bed & breakfast, to even studio rooms, and that is until the company has decided to bring the whole lot of travel and tour packages for everyone just this past month of July, making it easy for people who would love to travel to leap around the world.

Think of eGetinnz as your virtual travel buddy, preparing everything you will ever need before you go ahead and travel to places. A home away from home, the activities to do, and even your airfare; eGetinnz has everything to help you travel for business or pleasure.

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Over the Counter Payments Now in eGetinnz

DragonPay provides alternative online payment solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Through our website and APP, customers can now book and pay for our services using cash or check at a physical, brick-and-mortar payment counters, ATM’s, Mobile wallets or through online bank debit. This makes alternative payments available.

At eGetinnz, we value our customer’s time and security. Paperless is the new safe. eGetinnz only wants the best for its customers; starting from finding options, booking your desired accommodation, to paying for our services. Making it effortless, easy and friendly.

Top 10 Posh Staycation Sites Around the Metro Manila



a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, STAYCATION is a newly coined word that first came into use back in 2005.  It is a mash-up of the words STAY and VACATION, and means that one is on vacation but also stayed home.  But the staycation definition can extend just beyond the two coined words. It means attending to any household related matters that you would not have been able to do because you were busy at work. For example, you can use staycation as a chance to undergo that long-overdue physical exam that your doctor has been pressing you about. But what is staycation, really?

For the more creative, the staycation meaning can be about being on vacation within the limits of one’s town or city.  It is not necessarily about staying home, for you can also go on staycation at a local hotel or even a friend’s house.  The only difference is that you can easily be available if you are needed at home.

Here are eGetinnz top 10 picks for elegant and affordable staycation around the Metro Manila.