New York Visit Starter Pack Part 1

When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie. –  Ryan Adams

Amidst the tall buildings and the glaring fast paced lifestyle of Metropolitan New York lies a city that is yet to be explored and appreciated. The Big Apple may seem daunting and overwhelming but a few tips and guides will help you appreciate not only the beauty of what we know of New York but also the hidden gems situated in the most mundane of areas and alleys. Here’s a quick list of recommended places to help you start your journey in the Big Apple.

5 Must See Destinations in New York

  • The Statue of Liberty

To start things off nothing screams of New York City than the Statue of Liberty situated off shore from Manhattan on Liberty Island.

Pixabay MonicaVolpin
Photo Credit: Pixabay MonicaVolpin
  • The Empire State Building

Tip – be sure to consider the optional VIP ticket to bypass the long lines going up the building.

Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash
Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash
  • Central Park

Live out your romantic comedy moments by taking a stroll with your special someone in Central Park.

Photo Credit: Pixabay JodesJ
Photo Credit: Pixabay JodesJ
  • Metropolitan Art Museum

Indulge in what New York has to offer culturally in the prized collections and pieces found in the Metropolitan Art Museum.

Photo Credit: Pixabay anielbaez0
Photo Credit: Pixabay anielbaez0
  • Broadway

Cap off your New York trip with a Broadway musical. Be sure to check the listings regarding the shows and show dates prior to your visit.

Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash
Photo Credit: Pixabay Unsplash


New York has a lot of things to offer and these 5 are but a few of the main attractions of the city. A useful tip is to begin your trip with a view of the city from an observation deck. This allows a complete view of the city and its impressive skyline. The Empire State Building is one that offers such an experience, but other places such as the Top of the Rock Observatory and the One World Observatory offer the same experience plus the added feature of seeing the Empire State Building as well.

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