Scenic Train Rides

Train rides are a relaxed and laidback way of traveling. Some of the world’s most breathtaking views can be seen while riding a train. The journey on a train might take from few hours to more than a week but that won’t beat the drama and the opportunities of seeing amazing views along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the exceptionally scenic train rides around the world. Glacier Express

5 Must Watch Travel Documentaries

Travel is a much awaited subject but there’s a side to travel we don’t often see. It’s the untouched and oftentimes sad side of travel. Here are 5 travel documentaries we think you should watch to get a better appreciation of the different cultures and places around the world. The Endless Summer (1966) This is a surf movie directed and produced by Bruce Brown. Bruce Brown followed two surfers, Mike Hynson

International Museum Day

Every year, on or around May 18; International Museum Day is celebrated in coordination with the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Created in 1977, IMD serves as museum professionals’ opportunity to reach the public and alert them of the challenges that museums are facing. It is therefore a platform for public awareness on the role museums play in the development of society today on an international level. The event theme changes

National Scavenger Hunt Day

Scavenger Hunt began to be popular in the United States in the early 1930’s. It was the American gossip columnist, author and songwriter Elsa Maxwell who introduced the scavenger hunt as a party game. National Scavenger Hunt Day is observed annually on May 24. In a scavenger hunt game, teams are challenged to “scavenge” for a list of odd items. Participants are not allowed to buy the objects. They have to barter,

Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World

Mother’s Day is one of the most important celebrations in the world. This is the day we give honor to our mothers for all their sacrifices to the family. It’s just a week before the celebration but do you know how it started and how the world celebrates it? Here are some quick facts about Mother’s Day: The modern Mother’s Day celebration began in 1908. It was Anna Jarvis who initiated