What You Need to Know about Bar Etiquette

A bar or a pub is an establishment that sells alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, liquor cocktails and the likes. Since bars are public drinking places, the customers here are a mixture of different races and cultures. Here are some bar etiquette that you may want to keep in mind to maintain a friendly atmosphere among the people inside a bar.


1.Bring cash. If you are alone in a bar and having only a drink, you should pay in cash. You are wasting the bartender’s time and delaying his tip if you’re not.

2.Don’t ask the bartender to give you a little extra. Most bars measure their shots and drinks. They have rules with regards to the amount of serving and managers watch carefully if the staff follow the rules, since they make money out of beverages.

3.Don’t get attention by whistling or snapping your fingers. It is rude and insulting.

4.Don’t argue. There are times, people inside the bar would drink more than what is good for them. If you happen to be in that situation, don’t argue with the bartender. It is better to leave the bar.

5.Make sure to tip the bartender. Tip more if you’ve got a better service.

8 thoughts on “What You Need to Know about Bar Etiquette”

  1. I agree with the above commenters because these really are common sense. I can understand when people don’t oxide by these rules of etiquette though depending on their circumstances.

  2. These are so important! I feel like you often see characters in films and tv shows snapping their fingers to get the bartender’s attention, but I couldn’t imagine doing that myself!

  3. These are some great etiquette tips when going to a bar or pub. I cannot believe some people actually are rude enough to do the things you listed on the post.

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