Tips for a Smooth Check In and Check Out at the Airport

Airports have heightened its security over the years to ensure the safety of passengers and everyone inside the place. To avoid delays, here are some tips to make your check in and check out as smoothly as possible.

  1. Avoid packing up things that are not allowed inside the airport. You can always check for the things that are prohibited or restricted with your airline.
  2. Go to the airport ahead of time. It is better to be at the airport an hour or two earlier before the flight.
  3. If you are not navigating in your home airport, check the airport map and familiarize yourself with the locations of different facilities inside the airport.
  4. It is better to weigh your bag before check-in. Many airports have installed scales, weigh your bag to make sure they are not overweight before you reach the check-in counter.
  5. In most cases, it is better to travel with carry on baggage, but if you are travelling with items unapproved for hand carrying, check them in.
  6. Before check-in, make sure to prepare all the necessary documents. Have in hand all the items and documentation you need before you fall in line.

5 thoughts on “Tips for a Smooth Check In and Check Out at the Airport”

  1. Great tips. I would also add that it makes sense to book with a travel agency who can arrange all the fees (terminal, travel tax) for you, so that when you check-in, you don’t have to be going from counter to counter. Make use of electronic documents, too, to save on paper waste.

  2. These tips are very helpful especially for those who are not used to travelling. One tip to avoid overbaggage, only bring what is necessary. If you can bring just 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of sandals, and 1 pair of slippers, that would be great. Always leave room for knock knacks and souvenirs. You can also keep all docs in one pouch or
    bag to make it easy when checking in. 😊

  3. Those were great tips! Hassle free check in equates to a smooth travel. Everything just needs to be prepared ahead of time and awareness is a must esp. when it comes to airport rules and regulations.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I’m always having issues with tip #1. I keep on forgetting to leave my lighter at home and I end up having to open my bag for security. Heheh. Also, this is sort of related to #4, but apart from weighing your bag before you check in, it’s also advisable to read your airline’s regulations on baggage allowance. Some airlines only check the accumulated weight for passengers checked in together; so if your total baggage is 20kg per piece, it’s okay if one bag is over weight, as long all your bags sum up to the maximum allowed total. Other airlines on the other hand, prefer the weight is distributed per bag. Learned that the hard way. Anyway thanks again for sharing!

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