7 Underrated Places in Bataan That You Need To Check Out This Summer

The Philippines has the most wonderful sights of nature and history combined with all the eighteen regions of the country, there is no uneventful place in the 7 107 islands of the Philippines and as they say, it is more fun in the Philippines. Bataan known as the History Hub of Central Luzon is a peninsula in the northern part of the country’s largest group of islands. Being not that famous in the world where Boracay is the star, Bataan actually have the beaches that rival the nearby provinces such as Batangas and La Union, it also has the mountain trails that can parr with Zambales’, and lastly the sea waves that can match to Baler’s.

7. Mount Samat, Shrine, Pilar


This place is almost akin to the ruins of Charleston in South Carolina, although Mount Samat was converted into a shrine, all the ruins and memorabilia of the second world war are very much present in this shrine. It became the symbol of the commemoration of the Valor Day or Araw ng Kagitingan or as for the locals, the Bataan day. Climbing the mountain is not that hard but is highly rewarding with the giant cross on the top which you could actually climb.


6. Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Balanga City


Bataan might come as an archaic and time-honored province, it has its own way of charming the tourists and even its citizens to fall in love with it. Its capital, Balanga City is quite the epitome of the modern and old world. The plaza is more beautiful and alive at night, with a spectacle of lights and dancing fountains.

5. Pasukulan Falls, Abucay


Chasing Waterfalls is one activity to do in Bataan and for those exploring Bataan’s great outdoor experience, Pasukulan Falls has a majestic sight, with pristine waters cascading from almost 200 feet above and into a serene pool.

4. Lolen’s Hu Tieu-an, Morong


This amazing restaurant opened in the 90s, after the refugees from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia sought temporary shelter in Bataan’s Philippines Refugee Processing Center. Two decades later, the refugees have long gone, yet this chapter in the world history lives on through this humble place. Try the Vietnamese noodle soup, hu tieu, and their special take on the banh mi.

3 Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park, Orani

Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park Orani Bataan 52 B

In the small village called Tala in Orani, is a majestic escape by the mountains. Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park is a mountainside resort, decked with villas and a beautiful cliffside pool overlooking a view of lush mountains and trees.

2. Stella Mariz Resort, Bagac


Stella Mariz Resort lets you be one with nature. Away from the bustle of the city, simple cottages, picnic tables, and pine trees adorn the beach, instead of concrete, plush hotels and villas.Bask in the warm sun and sand between your toes, set up camp by the beach and spend your nights by the shore. Conversations with friends by the campfire, while listening to the crashing waves and lying under the stars? You bet.

  1. La Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac


Of course, one does not leave Bataan without visiting the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a heritage resort that’s just a marvelous sight by itself, with opulent Spanish-era houses, cobblestone streets and a majestic canal, all perched by the sea. Las Casas has been a popular setting for period films and television shows in recent years, such as GMA-7’s Zorro, the sleeper hit Heneral Luna, and Lav Diaz’ 8-hour film Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis. Book a night at their heritage house, take a dip in the sea as a calesa strides by. It’s just like being transported back in time.

These are only a few activities and spots that you can enjoy in Bataan. Visit the place now and you will not regret it. Let us help you with finding a home away from home in https://www.egetinnz.com/s/bataan–philippines/ChIJiXiYAeMUljMRSD3hXo_L4Go?&guests=1

Bohol’s Geographical Wonder

Chocolate Hills, it sounds delicious, probably would be a good name for another chocolate brand but this is actually a rare land formation in the Philippines, particularly in the island province of Bohol. Over 1,300 almost identical shaped hills that even science failed to explain the exact phenomena of the famous inedible Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Theories claim that the hills are residues of weathering and sedimentation, or that it was formed from the crevices of the surface of the crust. No one is sure. The name can be explained though since there are two major seasons in the Philippines: sunny and rainy seasons, the hills turn lush green during the rainy season and turn brown during the summer.

What science could not explain, the creative legends of folklore is rather believed. There is a fascinating story behind the hill formation. Filipinos tend to craft stories of origins of almost as everything in the country and the Chocolate Hills are no exception.


The ground where the hills are used to be flat and empty, according to the stories of everyone’s great great great something. Until there were these two giants, where these giants came from, I have no idea. And I did not dare to ask, apparently in ancient times of the Philippines, there are giants and no folklore originality. Going back to the giants, it was said that the two had a heated argument. The version I heard was vague but for your sake, I’d put in details so that you would not feel confused as I was.

The giant from the north, Rob Stark was upset with the giant from the, you guessed, it the south. It was named Jaime Lannister. Lannister had Stark’s father murdered and young Stark was beyond vengeful that he began hurling clumps of soil towards Lannister whom with his one hand began returning the favor towards Stark. They did just that until they had enough–until Stark has gotten it out of his system that whatever he does would not bring Ned Stark back to life. Both Stark and Lannister realized it was pointless to throw hills at each other and that they will have a new but common enemy in the next few seasons. The two giants walked away and the aftermath of the clumsy battle left the people the Chocolate Hills. The legend was basically making sense when it claimed that two large beings were responsible. As all legends make sense if the truth is aligned with fiction.

As of today, these hills are one of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines along with the smallest monkey, the tarsier can be found in Bohol. My version of the story is another version that you would hear if you visit the province itself. Marvel at the sight of the giants’ battlefield or at the sight of one of the most amazing geographical wonders of the world.

10 Out of the Mainstream TV Shows You Can Binge Watch As You Travel

There are journey trips that could be spent on sight seeing, peeking through the glass window of the plane, maybe a bus, or even by the railings of a ship; but some trips may take longer than the usual. Here are a few good TV series aside from Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead that could help you pass time.

  1. Timeless, 2016 (NBC)


This show actually got uncancelled, the producers finally saw the potential of this low-key but amazing show. Compelling characters, unfolding plot, and perfected phenomenon of time travelling. The story is about Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus trying to save the known history from bad people called the Rittenhouse who wants to change the course of the past. The paradox of time travelling has somehow been perfected by Timeless.


2. Sense 8 2015 (Netflix)


Original story from the Wachowski brothers, they have filmed in over twenty countries and thirty cities. This sci-fi TV show is about eight individuals that share each other’s mind and consciousness. The story itself is already an art but its cinematography is the best thing about Sense8. This show developed a collective group of fanbase for its diversity and accurate representation which the smart audience hold dear. Sense8 is action-filled, with humor and genuine emotion on top. Sadly Netflix cancelled it after season 2 but due to the loud cry of the fans in social media particularly on Twitter, the producers were granted one last hurrah for the show. The epic finale is yet to come this year 2018.


3. Orphan Black 2013-2017 (BBC)


Consistent all through out. Yes, it has already ended strong in season 5 but never was there a dull episode or even a moment in Orphan Black, all you need is to watch one episode to give it a try and you will find yourself with the roller coaster of a ride. Created by the masters John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, this show is about a Sarah Manning who witnessed a girl who look exactly like her jump in front of a train and later on took over her life, and  unknowingly discovers a major scientific conspiracy about their lives.


4. Altered Carbon 2018 (Netflix)


An ingenious plot that was groomed by a gradual pacing of story-telling, the story is set in the far future where immortality is already within reach. Everyone has a stack located at the back of their necks, it downloads one’s mind and consciousness that even when the body perishes the person could still actually live. Takeshi was revived after centuries of his first death by a billionaire to investigate his own death.


5. The 100 2014 (CW)


This show used to be great. The survival show of CW, it is not your typical post apocalyptic TV series where boy meets girl and another boy it was not that. The 100 (pronounced as The Hundred) was about 100 delinquent and prisoner teens sent off their spaceship to see if the Earth was again habitable after 97 years of nuclear war that destroyed the planet. Only to learn that humankind never really left.


6. Penny Dreadful 2014-2016 (Showtime)


Penny Dreadful is a gothic masterpiece where all the dark classics have been mashed together. From the origins of Dracula to Dorian Gray, this story revolves around Vanessa Ives as a wicked and daunting force of evil is after her whole being. A character-driven story from the brilliant playwright and screenwriter, John Logan. This is not for the weak heart and shallow minds though, Penny Dreadful is dark but weirdly enough a breath of fresh air in the mainstream stories of television today.


7. Gotham 2014 (Fox)


DC has made a good choice about doing a prequel TV series of the Batman, origin stories of everybody in Batman is present. Fox’s Gotham might have strayed from the comics but the showmanship is overall great. With the James “Jim” Gordon as the center character, still a regular detective is on the pursuit of the mastermind behind Thomas and Martha Wayne’s deaths, while grooming young Bruce Wayne to be the dark knight Gotham will eventually need.


8. Black Mirror 2011 (Netflix)


Probably the best anthology you will ever watch, created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is a collection of one shots stories if not revolving around morals and realism, it is about the out of the box ideas about the technology we use and the unending possibilities of it. Black Mirror challenged every aspect of the future with its story telling but still managed to be about the characters rather than the phenomena.


9. Fear the Walking Dead 2015 (AMC)


The sister prequel show to the Walking Dead, it is years younger than the mainstream and original show but it is far different. It revolves around actual family trying to stay together amidst the apocalypse. The show began a bit slow but is getting better the longer it airs, character developments are compelling stories by and by and more zombies appear than ever.


10. Peaky Blinders


A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world.


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