7 Beautiful Lowkey Places You Need to See

Over two hundred countries in one lifetime, and within these countries still are hidden sanctuaries, undiscovered paradises, forgotten treasures, or even underrated places. Among other hindrances to leap around the world, everyone has only one lifetime to do so, hence skip the postcard places, the overcrowded beaches, and the traffic congested historical cities. Visit these lowkey places that deserve more limelight and love from travel bugs.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

If you are fascinated by the art of ice and snow the way Queen Elsa is, this spot in Canada could please you very much. Instead of paying a huge amount of money to enjoy artificial ice wonders, Edmonton Glacial Lake is a total upgrade. The city of Edmonton is built upon surface deposits of variable thickness by Upper Cretaceous strata.  This glacial lake occupies part of the North Saskatchewan River valley near Edmonton at one stage extended into the Athabasca River valley.


Oasis, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Oasis, Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates

UAE is not really the first choice of tourists who usually go for a greener, lush, and cool escape from the heat but this work of wonder in the middle of the desert has chosen people in awe.



5 Reasons Why Tagaytay is a Great Place to Stay At

As a British tycoon once said, there are three most important things about properties: location, location, and location.

Tagaytay City is the South’s alternative to Baguio City. It offers the same ambiance and cool climate but is more accessible to tourists and motorists. The travel time is only an hour and a half from Manila, approximately 56 kilometers away. The city is frequently visited by locals and foreigners to take advantage of the cool breeze and magnificent views.
Tagaytay, compared to other metropolises where the midpoint is a marketplace, a walkway, or a distribution center, takes pride of the Taal Volcano’s sight in the heart of the calm waters of Taal Lake —a volcano within a lake, within a volcano within another lake.


1. Tagaytay was derived from two Tagalog words “taga” and “itay” which means “to cut” and father.

These words were put up together from a story of a father and son who were attacked by a wild boar while hunting. As the animal reached the father, the son cried repeatedly “Taga Itay!”

The shout was heard in the nearby area and became a source of commotion in the place. Later, it is called Tagaytay.

2. The City has a perfect view of the world’s smallest active volcano, Mt Taal.

This natural wonder is significant to the city’s people. The view of Taal Volcano in its entire magnificence is overwhelming, especially on a clear day. Peaceful mood approaches whenever the fog enfolds the hillsides surrounding the city.Local and foreign visitors are always astonished by the sight and it is one of the reasons why they keep on coming back.



3. It is known for its culinary delights.

Tagaytay City is a fusion of the Southern culture. Tagaytay is also recognized for its food specialties such as Bulalo or beef shank soup with bone marrow, Local fish such as Maliputo and Tawilis (smoked or dried) and others.

The City has multiple Food establishments which anyone can take advantage of as they offer different Tagaytay’s best.

4. It is also famous for its Pineapples.


The fruit grows abundantly all-year round throughout the luxurious soil of the city. Tagaytay celebrates the Pilipinyahan Summer Festival in May which promotes Pineapples as the most alluring agricultural product in the country. The country continued the growing and selling of this fruit since the Spanish influenced and introduced it to local agriculture. Today, the Philippines is one of the largest producers of Pineapples in the world.

Moreover, Pineapples leaves can produce a fiber called piña which is used for country’s National Costume (Barong Tagalog for men and the Baro’t Saya for women).

5. Tagaytay is entitled to be a city of character, where you can dine, stay, play and pray.

Tagaytay’s stimulating atmosphere calls guests from various places, local and overseas. Indeed, the city is favorable for education, sports, retirement, and retreats as it has a safe, peaceful and clean environment.

Tagaytay community follows the city’s vision with discipline, God-centeredness, and unity. Hence, the city is recognized as the Character City of the South.

7 Things to do in Pangasinan Aside from the Counting the Hundred Islands

Located in northern Luzon, Pangasinan is practically famous for the Hundred Islands in Alaminos but aside from the said tourist attraction, Pangasinan still has a lot to offer, even more so that Boracay is closed. The Ilocos-Pangasinan-Zambales area is most likely to fill in. Here are a few things you could more than enjoy in the land where salt is made.

hundred islands1. Balungao Hilltop Adventure, Balungaosuperman-zip-2

Before getting yourself strapped on a safety harness, you still need to endure one long and steep climb up the mountain. There are two ziplines on the peak, one is 620m for those who want to get down fast and the other one is 1.4km, that could last for more than a minute for you to enjoy the rather exciting view, that is if you can manage to keep your eyes open throughout the swoooosh. Also, there is an ATV rental at your disposal when you want to roam around the terrain.

2.  Lingayen’s Architectural Masterpiececapitol1

The province’s capital has been around since the World War 2, and remnants of the unfortunate event are still pretty much visible in the area. Outside, the city hall is just as magnificent on the inside. The local government unit’s building is a tourist spot itself. Inside is a mini-museum of the city, where everything you need to know about Lingayen could be found.

3. Power Kitingkite-1

Looks easy enough? There are two stages of power kiting in Pangasinan, you need to make the huge kite fly–like really fly then follow the wind towards the sea, step on your boards, and voila that is power kiting. This is not for everyone though, kiting is not for everybody, some people cannot even make a small kite fly.

4. Visit the Death PoolDeath Pool

This crater was because of both earth and water natural process, this spot is where two large waves from two different currents meet, it fills the ditch, making it a saltwater pool. Only professional or amateur swimmers can actually take this, nobody knows how deep the hole is, therefore, safety is a must when visiting the Death Pool

5. Salt Sea Farm, BolinaoDSC_4618

In the year 2017, tourists take an unusual detour to watch farmers harvest salt. A 1993 study conducted by the Nutrition Center of the Philippines showed that salt from this town, combined with those produced in the towns of Bolinao and Bani and Alaminos City, totaled 74,765 MT, the highest salt production by a province in the country for that year.

6. Paddle at Balingasay, Riverthe Enchanted Cave, Bolinao

Paddle through the country’s cleanest river. The waters of the river of Balingasay lead to the Enchanted Cave, where somehow it is Puerto Princesa in Pangasinan.

7. Watch the Sunset


Laois Beach right after sunset.Being located in the western part of Luzon, Pangasinan took sunsets to the next level. Manila Bay could not even par. Perhaps Thanos actually missed a Pangasinan Sunset Brochure when he decided to go to Benguet.

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Top Filipino Tweets About Thanos Visiting the Philippines in the Avengers: Infinity War

It has already been a week since the premiere of the recording breaking phenomena movie, the Avengers: Infinity War, the fruit of ten long years of collaborated Marvel superheroes, spearheaded by Iron Man (2008). The movie broke every single gross record worldwide last week, and it is basically about our favorite Avengers and Guardians saving the whole lot of the universe from the mad Titan, Thanos. MCU fans that have been around for ten years and beyond would not need any recaps as to how and why Thanos has come.


Fast forward to the end of the movie, there was a scene featuring the misunderstood villain watching the sunset in a deep solace that hyped everybody especially the Filipino fans.

The titan did state his plans of resting, “watch the sunset” after “all this” referring to the war and his goal of wiping half the universe for the other half to survive and thrive, ensuring mankind will not face extinction just like his home planet has become.


Thanos with the power of the Space Stone, the infinity stone capable of creating wormholes and portals, visited the Philippines.



And the ever extra Filipino fans have a lot to say about it,


What a wonderful idea,


Yes, and he’d probably avail a Chowking halo-halo so that he can further chill too.


Apparently, the Titan has a taste. Where else could you spectate such a perfect sunset but in the Pearl of the Orient?



But despite being dubbed as the best villain of the MCU, he is really not that easy to love.


Some are just hostile towards the grieving villain,


Who are you calling purple grape?



Some just disagree with the Thanos’ choice of a vacation spot,




NAIA or the Manila International Airport,

And of course, due to the close and related context of the plot of the movie, it became political too-just like everything else in the Philippines.


I pray not though, buddy.


JPE will outlast you, Thanos.




Thank God for the talented Photoshoppers,

Or let us just stick with the fictional truth, Thanos was a humble farmer that loved his planet and let us turn everything to economics this time.


And lastly, Philippine literature meets Marvel Universe with the last Infinity Stone.




And perhaps the most important truth one yet,


Whatever reason Thanos chose the Philippines to chill and mope because of his loss, it is a good example. Even the most bad ass villain needs a break too, why not follow his example and travel now.


10 Historical Firsts about Iloilo That You Didn’t Know

When it comes to Philippine history, Iloilo has never been in the limelight of the history books everyone was asked to study and evidently memorize. It has always been other nearby provinces but never Iloilo. Not everyone knows that it is dubbed as the Heritage Haven of Panay.

  1. Iloilo is where the Malays, the second genetical ancestors of the Philippines first landed. This is why Ilonggos are naturally the epitome of Filipina beauties.
  2. This is the biggest province in the Philippines in terms of population, income, and economic production during the 19th century.
  3. The first Philippine airline established after World War II was organized by Ilonggos, the airline was known as the Far Eastern Air Transport Incorporated had the Iloilo-Manila-Hongkong trips, the airline ceased to exist and was later turned into an aeronautical university today, the FEATI University.
  4. The first Filipino to fly an airplane for passengers was an Ilonggo – Jose Tinsay in 1925.
  5. The first school for boys in the Philippines was founded in Tigbauan by the famous Jesuit priest and historian, Pedro Chirino in 1592.
  6. The first luxury liner in the island – S/S Don Esteban of the De la Rama Line.
  7. The first concrete road in the country – from Forbes Bridge to Jaro Plaza.
  8. The only Filipino nominated to the Supreme Court of Cuba – Raymundo Melliza.
  9. The first Filipino to launch the propaganda movement in Spain, Graciano Lopez Jaena of Jaro also known as the greatest orator the Philippines ever produced.
  10. The first province to export sugar to Australia.

Iloilo may not be a household name but it is filled with stories of the past that have been passed down to generations of locals that you could actually know for yourself might you want to visit the alluring province yourself, go to www.egetinnz.com to find a home away from home and travel now.