Off the Beaten Path: Italian Street Food

Have you ever had one of those night outs when someone suggests Italian food and the instant answer would be pizza or pasta? Well, make sure to check these Italian street foods when you pay a visit to little old Italy. There’s more to Italy than their wonderful pasta and pizza. Immerse yourself in the flavours that Italian cuisine has to offer.

  • Cannoli

A classic Italian dessert, one is sure to taste Italy once they try this sweet yet light pastry dessert from Sicily.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Jules Morgan
Photo Credit: Flickr- Jules Morgan
  • Trapizzino

New to the Italian street food scene, this pocket carved from white pizza is filled with ox tail or chicken.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Diego
Photo Credit: Flickr- Diego
  • Arancini (Fried Rice Balls)

This Sicilian treat is everything that is good about street food, fried and filled with cheese and meat.  This savory treat would make you want more and more.

Photo Credit: Flickr-Wim Kristel
Photo Credit: Flickr-Wim Kristel
  • Olive Ascolana (Fried Olives)

Stuffed and deep fried breaded olives sound weird yet distinctly appetizing. This street food delight embodies the taste of Italian street food.

Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia (Manuela Zangara)
Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia (Manuela Zangara)
  • Gelato

Of course Gelato is a part of this shortlist. This snowy and creamy treat packs a lot of flavour along with its smooth texture that makes you want to live in Italy for the rest of your life.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Derek Key
Photo Credit: Flickr- Derek Key

TIP! Make sure to get these treats in their region of origin (which is mostly in Sicily!) to get the best of the best in terms of authenticity.

Off the Grid Locations in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is popular for its casinos, hotels, and live shows that would challenge any city for its night life but Las Vegas is more than just The Strip. Here’s a short list of things to do in Las Vegas without going inside a single casino.

  • Visit the Grand Canyon

Although it’s not within the vicinity of Las Vegas. There are various day tour groups and tours that will allow you to enjoy this majestic view.

Photo Credit: Pixabay neufal54
Photo Credit: Pixabay neufal54
  • The Neon Boneyard

Much of Las Vegas history lies in its hotels and casinos which are more often than not coupled with glamorous neon signs. Once these signs (along with the establishments at times) retire they find a new home in the Neon Boneyard. Make sure to contact tour groups that offer night trips.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Randy Heinitz
Photo Credit: Flickr- Randy Heinitz
  • The Hoover Dam

If you’re a sucker for road trips then a visit to the Hoover dam is for you. Just an hour drive from Las Vegas proper, the Hoover dam is a marvel to behold. Various tour groups offer guided tours so be sure to check them out.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Airwolfhound
Photo Credit: Flickr- Airwolfhound
  • Lake Mead

After visiting the dam be sure to visit Lake Mead. The lake offers various water activities that are offered in what is considered as the largest water reserve in the USA.

Photo Credit: Pixabay tpsdave
Photo Credit: Pixabay tpsdave
  • The Mob Museum

Make sure to visit the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas to have an interactive crash course on Mob history as well the the history of the city during the prohibition. Sit in the electric chair or see mob paraphernalia in this weirdly noir trip down Las Vegas memory lane.

Photo Credit: Flickr- kennejima
Photo Credit: Flickr- kennejima

Viva Pinas | Filipino Festivals in July

Viva! Pinas is a series that features some Philippine Festivities to help you plan the itinerary of your next vacation to the Pearl of the Orient. This time, we feature some of the festivals during the month of July.

1. Sandugo Festival

This is a festival that is celebrated every July in celebration of the friendship between Datu Sikatuna and Spanish Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

Sandugo Festival
Photo Credit:

2. Kinabayo Festival

This colorful festival is held in Dapitan every July to commemorate the city’s conversion to Christianism during the 1600’s.

Kinabayo Festival
Photo Credit:

3. Cordillera Day

Cordillera Day is celebrated with colorful dances and good food in commemoration of the founding of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Cordillera Day
Photo Credit:

4. Pagoda Festival

This is celebrated every July, in commemoration of the Holy Cross of Wawa. The Cross is paraded in a special pagoda along the Pasig River, accompanied by other pagodas in a parade.

Pagoda Festival
Photo Credit:



Culinary Journey: Top 5 Food trucks in California

A culinary trip across California won’t be complete without catching one of these diners on wheels. These trucks serve various takes on local cuisine as well as street food. Let’s kick things off with the 5 essential food trucks to catch in California.

  • The Lobos Truck

Serving up a savory take on American comfort food, The Lobos truck offers a wide range of food from premium burgers to mac & cheese as well as their own take on hot wings. Next time you see this red truck make sure to get wachos (waffle fries nachos).

Lobos Truck 2

Lobos Truck 1

See their schedule here.

  • Kogi BBQ Truck

KOREAN TACOS! The meaty yet savory with a hint of sweetness from the Korean barbeque can now be eaten with a Mexican twist. Be sure to sample their kimchi quesadillas as well as their best seller the spicy pork tacos.

Kogi BBQ 1

Kogi BBQ 2

See their schedule here.

  • The Grilled Cheese Truck

We have to admit, nothing beats the comfort of feasting on melted cheese between two perfectly toasted pieces of bread. This food trucks offer various takes on the American classic with fixins such as pork BBQ and mac & cheese.

Grilled Cheese Truck 1

Grilled Cheese Truck 2

Visit them here.

  • Coolhaus Truck

Now for something sweet. Nothing beats the California Sun that a perfectly made ice cream sandwich. Yes you heard that right ice cream served as a sandwich. Pick your ice cream as well as the vessel for this snowy treat. The flavors range from the classic vanilla to the more exotic Thai Tea. You can also choose the cookie from the classic chocolate chip to the more playful Maple Flapjack.

Coolhaus Truck 2

Coolhaus Truck

Find them here.

  • The Greasy Weiner

No streetfood list will be complete without the classic hotdog in a bun.  This foodies truck offers authentic New Jersey style dogs with a twist. Their signature brats and buns will almost always make you wanting for more.

The Greasy Weiner 2

The Greasy Weiner

See their schedule here.

*All images taken from featured food trucks’ websites and Facebook pages.

Explore the Rockies

Canada has become insanely popular of late because of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The charismatic 23rd PM of Canada has made waves with his modern views and very personable personality. It’s not a far thought that he would come from the Great White North.

It’s time to explore the Canadian Rockies which is filled with inspiring scenery of lakes, mountains and glaciers. The peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains can be found between Alberta and British Columbia where there are beautiful sights to see. Here are a few you must not miss if you should find yourself in the Rockies.

Lake Louise

Photo Credit: Pixabay hansiline
Photo Credit: Pixabay hansiline


Photo credit: Pixabay SHAWSHANK61
Photo credit: Pixabay SHAWSHANK61


Photo credit: Flickr ilya_ktsn
Photo credit: Flickr ilya_ktsn

Athabasca Glacier

Photo credit: Flickr Lukes_photos
Photo credit: Flickr Lukes_photos


icefields Flickr Gary Ullah
Photo Credit: Flickr Gary Ullah

eGetinnz Goes to Travel Madness Expo 2016

eGetinnz was at the recently concluded Travel Madness Expo 2016 held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

It’s the 5th Travel Madness Expo and the 3 day expo featured various travel related companies offering discounted flights and travel packages for local and international destinations. 

travel madness expo 1

The expo is the perfect opportunity to create travel plans and get significant discounts and savings.

There were package tours for dream destinations such as Europe, New York and more. Even discounts on travel visas.

travel madness expo 2 travel madness expo 3

From discounts on flights to accommodations and package tours the travel expo madness has plenty to offer.

travel madness expo 4

Watch out for the next one!


General Admission Php50.00
Senior Citizen & PWD Php40.00

Traditional Irish Food

Ireland is a mystic land that has greatly influenced western culture. From its vast lands to its welcoming people Ireland surely has a lot to offer. Yet aside from the culture and the people Ireland also has a lot of succulent and savory dishes that are native to Ireland. Here’s a few of the tasty treats that you have to try once you visit the Emerald Isle.

  • Irish stew

Nothing makes you feel more at home than a steaming pot of stew. Irish stew makes the experience more homey and rich with the use of succulent mutton as the protein for the dish. Add in a variety of herbs and veggies and you have a deep dish that will make you feel at home in Ireland.

Irish Stew Flickr jeffreyw
Photo Credit: Flickr- jeffreyw
  • Coddle

With the name taken from the act of coddling, Coddle is a homey Irish dish that makes use of left overs plus pork sausages and onions to boot. The ingredients are then slowly stewed in an oven to mix up all the savory flavours that make up the dish.

Irish Coddle Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikmedia Commons
  • Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread is an Irish staple which makes use of sodium bicarbonate as the rising agent (hence the name). Soda bread is a good match for the hearty Irish stew or even Coddle.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Jim Lukach
Photo Credit: Flickr- Jim Lukach
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage

Keeping up with the homey theme of Irish cuisine, Corned Beef and Cabbage is an Irish staple that would satisfy one’s cravings.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Flickr Matt Johnson
Photo Credit: Flickr- Matt Johnson
  • Black Pudding

A type of blood sausage, Black pudding is a breakfast staple for Irish families. This sausage mix of blood, pork meat and fat mixed with various other ingredients is sure to make a pleasant start for any person.

Black Pudding- Flickr Alpha
Photo Credit: Flickr- Alpha